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Free exhibitions in Hong Kong

Enjoy some of the city’s best exhibitions without having to spend a cent

Exhibitions often come and go in Hong Kong, whether it features people’s favourite cartoon characters like Hello Kitty or Gudetama or luxury showcase of high-end retail brands like Louis Vuitton, follow our guide to get your culture fix completely free of charge. From special themed exhibitions at some of the best museums in Hong Kong and exciting new displays at the city’s top art galleries to pop-up shows happening during the week, there’s a wealth of free things to do in Hong Kong.

Free exhibitions in Hong Kong

Pirates of the South China Sea: Chasing Cheung Po Tsai and Port Cities

Ever been curious about pirates? No, not the Johnny Depp kind. But legendary Chinese pirates who battled against government forces and helped established the beginnings of trading routes in Asia. The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is launching a special exhibition titled ‘Pirates of the South China Sea: Chasing Cheung Po Tsai and Port Cities’, exploring Hong Kong maritime history through the eyes of Cheung Po Tsai, a notorious pirate in the South China Seas during the late 18th century. Learn about pirates bases, trading operations and sieges with help of eighteenth-century paintings on loan from the Hong Kong Museum of Art, as well as new insight into this famous historical character. There’s a whole new slice of history waiting to be discovered. 

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Hong Kong Maritime Museum , Central Until Sunday October 8 2017

Hi! Houses: Wilson Shieh x Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

As part of the 'Hi! Houses' exhibitions organised by the Art Promotion Office, renowned local artist Wilson Shieh presents a new perspective on both Kom Tong Hall and the founding father of the Republic of China, Dr Sun Yat-sen himself. Having grown up in the Central area, he has an intimate relationship with both the area and the hall, having visited the building and the museum on many occasions at different times in his life. Translating this relationship into artwork in the exhibition, Shieh has created a wonderful set of colourful decorative screens that tell the story of the various stages of Dr Sun Yat-sen’s life and uses historical motifs to produce paintings in the form of traditional Chinese screens.  Quirky and original, explore one of the most influential Chinese figure and your chance to experience this piece of Hong Kong’s history at one of our most engaging and historical museums. 

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Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum , Mid-Levels Until Friday June 30 2017

2017 Astronomical Events

Did you know there’re some major astronomical events happening this year including a total solar eclipse and a meteor shower? A total solar eclipse will occur on 21 August but unfortunately, it’s not going to be visible in Hong Kong though the Geminid meteor shower is expected to be a spectacular scene on 14 December. A preview of these exciting astrological events, the Space Museum is simulating the stages of the upcoming astrological wonders, and providing information about the total solar eclipse and the Geminid meteor showers. It’s the perfect educational show for you stargazers! 

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Hong Kong Space Museum , Tsim Sha Tsui Until Friday July 14 2017