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Nine summer struggles every girl in Hong Kong has to deal with

Legitimate reasons to hate summer

By Time Out Hong Kong |
Summer struggles every girl in hk has to deal with

Summer is a struggle, especially for girls. Sure, on the rare occasions when it’s not raining or disgustingly humid, it’s great to pop on a romper or a sundress. There’s also the return of junk boat season. But beyond that, it’s a pain in the ass. Whether it’s dealing with sweat in places we don’t want or unwanted attention, here are just nine things we find most annoying about summer. Read on to see if your pet peeve made the cut. By Sarah Moran and Cara Hung

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Summer struggles every girl in Hong Kong has to deal with

girls' summer struggles _ butt sweat

The butt sweat

When it's hot, humid and sticky, a pair of tight, suffocating jeans are the last thing you feel like wearing. That being said, there's also nothing more disgusting than feeling your bare thighs touching the MTR seats when you’ve got a pair of shorts on. And peeling off the seats when you stand up. You can literally feel everyone's germs, sweat and dirt crawling up your thighs. What's worse is when you get off the train knowing you most definitely left behind a puddle of your own butt sweat.

summer struggles_boobies sweat

The boob sweat

As if normal perspiration isn't already bad enough, bustier girls also have boob sweat to deal with every summer. This is a phenomena where sticky sweat gets sandwiched between your breasts and eventually trails its way down to the stomach. And if you're wearing a fitted top, everyone will be able to see all that underboob sweat action from the stain on your shirt. The fact that sweat leaves yellow stains on white bras is also delightful. 

summer sturggles_period

Shark Week

Every girl's most dreaded time of the month is when Aunt Flo pays them a visit. Let’s talk about having to walk around all day with that uncomfortable feeling of a large napkin stuck to your underwear. Or worrying about the string of your tampon dangling if you wear something too short. And this is all on top of dealing with cramps and humidity. Who can fault us for being in an extra crummy mood during Shark Week?

summer struggles_flat hair

Hairdo? What hairdo?

Dealing with either flat or frizzy hair in summer is an ongoing battle for every girl. It doesn't matter how many products you use. The moment you step out into the Hong Kong humidity, your hair absorbs all the moisture in the air, making it either frizz up like you're rocking an '80s look or fall flatter than a knock-knock joke. You can also forget about having a cute fringe because sweat and oil will guarantee to gather at your forehead, leaving your hair a greasy mess by the afternoon. 

summer struggles_makeup fallout

Melting makeup

You spend an hour in the morning perfecting your skincare routine, and mentally give yourself a pat on the back for your matte sweat-proof (or so you thought) makeup. Fast-forward to your post-morning commute, you step into the loo only to be greeted by a poor imitation of a Picasso painting in the mirror. Hong Kong’s heat and humidity have transformed your face into a pool of sweat and runny makeup. Your face is now shinier than a disco ball and your mascara is basically non-existent because it’s around your eyes now – who’s that racoon looking at me? 

summer struggles_bra straps

Exhibiting bra straps

If you're not going to wear your tube tops, strapless dresses and open-back shirts in the summer, when else are you going to? But having exposed bra straps – which is unavoidable – can sometimes ruin the whole look. You could wear a strapless bra but the support they offer is a joke – your day will be spent pushing your boobs back. Nipple pasties are an option, but then you’ll always be paranoid that they're going to fall off. Result? Exposed bra straps it is.

summer struggles_male gaze

Lecherous stares from strangers

There are a lot of things we ladies like to avoid when we head outside. Sun, heat, mosquitoes, rain, and most of all, the gaze of wandering eyes. It’s perfectly reasonable to wear as little as possible to survive the sweltering heat. When the shirts of men start coming off, nobody bats an eye. Yet, whenever a girl shows off so much as a slice of her midriff, they receive all sorts of unwanted attention. The sad truth is that as a woman, you risk getting harassed and suffer through lecherous stares from strangers simply by wearing anything remotely revealing.

summer struggles_tan lines

Awkward tan lines

There are two types of girls in the summer. The first, are ones who slather on high SPF sunscreen religiously and avoid the sun like the plague. The second type, are those who use the darkest Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil and bask in the sun every chance they get. If you’re the latter, then you'll know the special kind of hell that are tan lines. The list of potential tan lines you could get is endless - halter tops, T-shirts, sandals, sunglasses and the ridiculous looking tan lines you get from strappy or cutout swimsuits. Before your weird tan lines fade, you have no choice but to suffer your friends' laughs.

summer struggles_showing skin

The ‘summer body’

Perhaps the biggest issue ladies face in the summer is feeling the need to look a certain way. Saying goodbye to our coats, leggings and oversized sweaters mean we can no longer cover up our love handles, backne, armpit or leg hair. Though plenty of women have started to go au naturale, for a majority of girls, the constant shaving and waxing is still a huge hassle. Another struggle is constantly worrying about not having the perfect "summer body", but guess what? As long as you act confident and own it, you'll look great in anything you wear.

Don’t let that stop you from having fun this summer