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19 cute east London coffee shops to visit before you die (obviously)

Here at Time Out we're not sure what happens after you pop your clogs, but we're pretty sure that there aren't artisanal coffee shops in the afterlife. 

So carpe d̶i̶e̶m̶ coffee and visit this charming slate of cafés chosen by you as winners of the Love London Awards 2015. Don't see your favourite place on the list? Then make sure you nominate the local spot you love for the 2016 Love London Awards - but hurry, as nominations close on September 30. 

1) Hatch, Homerton


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‘Hatch is my haven and inspiration. When you leave, you want to take a piece of it with you. Love these guys.’ - Mari W

2) Muxima, Mile End


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‘Best shakshouka in the East End, amazing coffee and cakes, and the staff are incredibly lovely. The live music nights are great and the book selection is enough to keep you going back.’ - Megan S

3) The Gallery Café, Bethnal Green


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‘This cafe could easily be like your friend's house with a magical, bunting-ridden, green garden out the back that feels a million miles from the city of London that is in fact just down the road!’ – Naomi

4) Hurwundeki, Bethnal Green


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‘This place is great – cheap yet lovely Korean food, great service, bring your own booze, what's not to love?’ – SB

5) Maeve's Kitchen, Clapton


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‘Maeve's Kitchen feels like going round to a friends house. The menu varies often but the food is always delicious. And when the weather is nice you can sit out in the garden.’ – Alanna S

6) Lion Coffee and Records, Lea Bridge


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‘It's a lovely place to hang out, meet old friends and make new ones. On the last Sunday of the month, they have first-class musicians play there.’ – Karin P

7) Le Ziz, Hackney


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‘A lovely place to sit and have lunch in Dalston Square.’ – Anna C

8) Subtitles, Hackney


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‘A really cute little cafe just of the Kingsland High Street. The tea section is amazing along with expertly made cups of coffee. They regularly host great events such as Tea Parties and Czech film poster exhibitions which are really really beautiful.’ – Jessica T

9) 46b Espresso Hut, Homerton


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‘Simply the best coffee and toasted sarnie around - and really friendly and knowledgeable staff.’ – Andrea D

10) The Wild Goose Bakery, Leyton


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‘I think this is an excellent new (-ish) addition to our High Road! Amazing cakes, a good selection of teas and other beverages. I also like the art work by local artists.’ – Liz K

11) Cinnamon Coffee Shop, Wapping


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‘Friendly, warm welcome, great coffee, lovely cakes.’ – David M 

12) Embassy East, Hoxton

‘Well worth a trip out of your way and not just for the coffee - the meat sandwich is the best I've had. Joey Tribbiani would be proud of that creation!’ – Alexander M

13) Look Mum No Hands!, Old Street


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‘Look Mum No Hands is by no means just for cyclists, as it ticks all the boxes of a great café in central London – delicious food, fast Wi-Fi, comfy sofas and a good sense of humour about the way the place is run!’ – Tina R

14) Tangerina Coffee Shop, Stoke Newington


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‘Such a nice place to have breakfast or lunch, plus as a Brazilian, having the ability to eat my countries food in this area is such a blessing. Obrigada Tangerina!’ – Yas P

15) The Ship of Adventures, Stoke Newington

‘The most amazing cafe & shop; it's like you're literally walking into a ship! They make delicious coffee and you're supporting a great cause - The Hackney Pirates!’ – Laura P

16) Sawmill, Stratford


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‘Lovely place with really cosy interior and delicious cakes. Passion fruit cheesecake is killer!’ – Orsolya T

17) 56 St James, Walthamstow

‘Food and coffee are fantastic. Friday night turns into a nice, mellow bar (great drinks!). It's run by the loveliest couple. It feels very local and unpretentious.’ – Paula D

18) Froth & Rind, Walthamstow


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‘Whether you pop in for a coffee or take the family and have cheese and wine on a rainy Sunday afternoon, this is such a cool place and it gives me warm fuzzy's to support people living their dreams.’ – Siobhan R

19) Foxcroft and Ginger, Whitechapel


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‘Pour-over coffee, eggs with Kusundi and sourdough bread? And that's just breakfast!’ – Vincent F

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Maeve's Kitchen closed a few weeks ago.

Lion coffee and records is in Lower Clapton, not Lea Bridge.


Wild Goose Bakery is in Leytonstone