London's best breakfasts

When it comes to the weekend, cornflakes don't cut it. Here's where to find London's very best fry-ups, pastries and other breakfast treats

Our team of experts have sought out the best breakfasts and brunches across London. Whether you're looking for coffee and pastries in a café, a posh Sunday brunch, or a mouthwateringly meaty fry-up, we've got plenty of options to make sure the most important meal of the day is also the tastiest.

Also check out London's best breakfasts and brunches in central, south, north, west and east London, cheap breakfasts in London and our slideshow of the top ten breakfast dishes and the top ten brunches. Do you agree with the choices? Use the comments box below or tweet your suggestions.

The best of the brekkies

The top ten breakfasts in London

The top ten breakfasts in London

It's the most important meal of the day, after all

The top ten brunches in London

The top ten brunches in London

It's no longer just big in Brooklyn – London loves brunch

London's very best breakfasts and brunches

London's very best breakfasts and brunches

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The best bottomless brunches in London

The best bottomless brunches in London

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Cheap breakfasts

Cheap breakfasts


Jill A

Excellent brunch at Skylark Cafe on Wandsworth Common.

Tim Baros

Grill Shack on Beak Street sandwiched between Carnaby Street and Soho is the best deal in town. Under £4.00 for pancakes with syrup, and they are very good!


Tried & True Cafe on Upper Richmond Road in Putney do a fantastic all day breakfast. The menu is extensive with five types of eggs benedict, scrambled eggs with salmon and feta or chorizo and delicious light and fluffy blueberry pancakes. The cafe is fast becoming a local favourite with it getting hard to get a table on the weekends. Get in early! During the week there are also delicious lunches including sandwiches, tarts, soups and salads. The service is really friendly in that antipodean way and the place is beautifully decorated with a nice clean feel. Nice big tables and comfy bench seating so a great place to catch up and have breakfast with friends. Oh, and their coffee is amazing ! From Square Mile I think.


Bill's in st Martin's courtyard does the best breakfast I have ever had. Absolutely amazing.

Gregory Edwardson

West Indian and English breakfast fused together .The best i have ever tasted. Brown Hill rd Catford.


Went to Village East recently and was disappointed. The portions have shrunk and the prices have gone up. For instance, it cost £5 for a single slice of sourdough (4cm x 10cm) with half an avocado on top. £7.50 for french toast with maple syrup and 3 pieces of very skinny bacon. We spoke to the head waiter about this and were told that this feedback would be relayed to the chef but didn't feel entirely confident about this. This seems to be an unfortunate case of what was a good restaurant now resting on its laurels.


Elliots, London bridge, all the way !!!


Also, check out te lovely Hill Station Cafe on Kitto Road, New Cros SE14. On a quiet leafy road between two parks, the Hill Station serves some lovely breakfasts, A Turkish breakfast of grilled halloumi, roast tomatoes, olives, crusty bread and honey is beautiful and the spiced potatoes and peppers with fried eggs really puts a zip in your day. A large deck wraps around the building making it a great place to meet your mates.


Bills in Angel does have lovely food but the coffee is horrendous! Think its a one button kind of machine you find in hospitals. This alone would stop me eating breakfast there.


Does anyone know of any larger cafes around Soho or Waterloo? These are all great options but many don't take Saturday morning bookings and I need room for an informal table of around 8. One of our member is disabled so we can't hang around till something because available.


Any suggestions for breakfast meeting in Marylebone or baker Street ?


Tower Hill area, any suggestions for great sunday breakfast ?

Camilla Casey

AUBAINE, Brompton Cross, Kensington High Street, offers an amazing selection of freshly made breads, ive heard customers claim the bread served at Aubaine is the best in London. The breads and patisserie are made using traditional French techniques. Highly recommended definitely suggest booking in advance though as Aubaine's always packed at weekends.


Trattoria Sapori in newington green, It is an Italian deli and Cafe and pizza place ( pizza;s here are the best ), you might think what do they know about our british breakfast. Fresh sough dough bread, panchetta, whole char grilled tomato, mushrooms and amazing tuscan sausages, they don't offer backed beans which is a shame, but the rest is one of the best I have eaten, plus now they offer it all in a hot pan and comes to you along with plenty of toasted bread, to share at £13.50 fantastic


Lucky 7 in Notting Hill - amazing diner with the perfect hangover breakfasts!

Dave Marrable

Cut The Mustard in Hayes Village does the best breakfast ever! Fantastic food, lovely atmosphere and very reasonable. I would recomend Cut The Mustard to everyone who like fresh lovely food.


Banners in Crouch end is unreal!! tastiest breakfast I've ever had!! try the Jamaican breakfast the beans are by far the most Moorish I've ever eaten!!!!


the breakfast club in hoxton square!


Duck Egg Cafe in Brixton (Coldharbour Lane) is divine. Lovely quality ingredients (with a choice of duck eggs rather than hen eggs if you prefer) and friendly, quick service.

Sarah London

The Chelsea Bun restaurant in Limerston St off the kings road is iconic, it does the best breakfast in london and has to be the best value for money, the ultimate breakfast has to be the best i have ever had! Try before you die!!


In South, the ultimate Saturday brunch has to be Jacks (Pellatt Road, East Dulwich). It's called a Peggy's Brekki (I think it's named after the owner's gran or aunt's failsafe hangover cure) and involves: homemade smoky baked beans, bubble, bacon, Gloucester old spot sausages, black pud, and chive scrambled eggs. I think there's probably a veggie version too if you really must.


The Wet Fish Cafe does the best brunch in our neighbourhood, West Hampstead My favourite is the French toasted brioche w amaretto, poached berries & maple syrup. .


Sorry but the best brunch EVER is served at the Elk in the Woods on Camden Passage (N1)


The Roastery in Clapham (on Wandsworth Road) do knock-out good coffee and brunch. Another place for excellent brunch is Duck Egg Cafe at Brixton Market. Make sure you ask for the duck eggs!

Uncle He-man

BEST Veggie breakfast The Counter Cafe Hackney Wick I agree with the review... This was the best veg breakfast of my life thus far. Inspired balsamic in the mushrooms, homemade beans were spicier and tastier than the Pavillion in Victoria Park. The poached eggs were done in a poaching pan, but were perfect otherwise. You get a portion of tomato jam / salsa / homemade tomato ketchup, not sure what it was but it was sweet and tangy.


I think you might have missed the Rivington Bar and Grill in Greenwich... exceptional traditional, home made british food including a well rounded full course English breakfast loved by many

What I Ate Last Night

There's a new place that's opened in Hayes Old Town, Kent (but I'd still class it as South East London!) called 'Cut The Mustard' AMAZING breakfasts using locally sourced ingredients, free range eggs etc. and it's got a really nice buzz to the place.


Mara Mia Cafe on Golbourne Road does an amazing middle eastern breakfast - falafel, eggs, potato cakes; yummy! Lovely with mint tea or strong coffee. And the atmosphere down that road is also great in the morning with all the markets - also excellent for filling up to prepare to hit Portobello shopping!


Ottoman Palace just next to Koko near Mornington Crescent tube. Simply the best. Turkish open buffet with huge selection from savoury to sweet - Turkish pides, different kinds of eggs, cheeses, salads, fresh breads, fruits, nuts, thick cream. Eat as much as you like, tasty foods, aromatic Turkish tea and drinks included. Currently £8 a head it's a great deal and getting ever more popular... Easy to spend hours there with a table of friends.


I have to recommend The Big Chill House, I had an amazing breakfast yesterday lounging in the sun on the roof terrace!! It was really unexpected as I just walked past yesterday morning and saw an A board promoting it. I had a rosti that had mushrooms and onions inside with fried egg on top which was really good and a coffee, it came to about £6. I will definitely go back as it is near my work and the bonus roof top was ace, really quiet and miles away from the craziness of King's Cross - Highly Recommended!!