Time Out's City Index 2016

What makes cities great places to live? We decided to find out


At Time Out, we love the cities we call home. So naturally, we wanted to work out what makes each of them so fun.

We collaborated with Tapestry Research to survey 20,000 people across eighteen different Time Out cities. We asked them all about urban life, from where and how they go out, to food & drink, work, friendship, romance and more. The results? A fascinating look at how we make the most of our cities around the world – and a brand new ranking of which places are thrilling their residents the most in 2016.

[Cities included: London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon; New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami; São Paulo, Mexico City, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur]

The local perspective