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Valentine's Day in London
Photograph: Ben Rowe

Valentine’s Day in London 2024

The best dining suggestions, romantic activities and gift ideas to make Valentine's Day in London extra special in 2024

Rosie Hewitson
Alex Sims
Written by
Rosie Hewitson
Alex Sims

Us London lot are a cynical bunch. Normally the mere mention of enforced romance is enough to make the average city dweller’s eyes roll back so violently into their head it causes a permanent strain to their optic nerve.

But there's something special about Valentine's Day. This isn't some Hallmark-manufactured fake holiday designed to part us from our hard-earned cash (although admittedly it's pretty good at doing that). Its origins go back to an Ancient Roman festival designed to celebrate emerging from the grim winter darkness to mutter sweet nothings to each other ahead of Spring's bonanza of new life. Then the Christian church muscled in 600 years ago to attach the name of mysterious Saint Valentine to the holiday, and romantic traditions galore sprung up over the ensuing years, from anonymous cards to heart-shaped decorations. This year, the big day falls on Wednesday February 14 2024.

And you don't have to sacrifice a goat, Roman-style, to have a good time. London is full of things to do on Valentine's Day: we’re talking slap-up dinners for two, power ballad nights, a host of classic rom-com screenings and novelty heart-shaped versions of all our most hyped dishes. Left it to the last minute? Find florists that offer same-day delivery right to your front door.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in London