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Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: top picks

It ain’t easy navigating the hundreds of shows on offer – which is where we come in

Photograph: Jim Lee

It's back! The MICF is in full swing, with hundreds of funnypeople vying for your comedy dollar. Here, in no particular order, we present our top picks of the festival. Whether you're into sharp political satire, keen observations or flights of surrealist fancy, there's something here for you.

MICF stars talk comedy and mental health

Laughing fit

A growing number of comedians are opening up to audiences about their dark and difficult experiences. We meet seven stand-ups tackling the mental health stigma and find out how they look after themselves in an art form where the personal is professional.

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By: Rose Johnstone

Want to get a drink afterwards?

The 50 best bars in Melbourne

Time Out's editors tortured their brains (and destroyed their livers) to bring you this: the definitive guide to drinking in Melbourne.

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By: Time Out editors