Clubs that stay open all night in Melbourne

Too excited to go home? Here are the hot spots to party at till the sun comes up

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Sometimes you just need to stay up all night and watch the sunrise. For those days, we've got you sorted.

Looking for a boogie? Get down at the best bars for dancing in Melbourne. Afterwards, follow it up with a hearty breaky at one of the city's best cafés

Go clubbing all night in Melbourne


La Di Da

Nestled in between the wonderful seediness that is King Street, sits serious dance venue La Di Da. It’s not the biggest or the best club down that end of the city, but by golly it parties hard. Friday nights mean three rooms of music plus a burlesque show to get you going, while Saturdays play host to a butt-load of DJs, cheap drink specials and pretty young things.


Bar 161

This is the best place to be for house music lovers in Melbourne. The lit-up dance floor is gimmicky, but the thumping house music is the most up-front and underground you'll hear, and you'll hardly notice with the dancefloor packed with people doing their thang.


Loop Project Space & Bar

If ‘hipster’ wasn’t such a dirty word these days (and we've been stumped in finding a replacement that doesn't sound derogatory... suggestions?), we’d say Loop was the ultimate hipster club. More commonly featuring VJs (visual DJs) than your regular breed of DJ, Loop offers a small but pumping dance floor, delicious cocktails and in-door and out-door chill out space. Known to host obscure documentary screenings in the early evening and on weeknights. Yeah, hipster. Wonderfully so.



Born from the ashes of late-night haunt Pony, Boney offers up much of the same including a heaving dance floor and some mighty good late night snacks. 


Revolver Upstairs

Every Melbourne 20-something, clubber or not, will find themselves here at some point. Revolver Upstairs is the classic all-night party venue. You can go in on a Friday night and not come out til Sunday morning, at which point you have all the goodness of Chapel Street’s fast food and brekkie fry-ups ready to bring you back to the land of the living.



This upper-level Swanston Street bar is somewhat a Revolver of the CBD. They play host to indie bands and have DJs playing party sets until breakfast time on the weekends, and the kitchen serves mac'n'cheese balls and decent burgers (including vego friendly numbers) making it possible to start early out on the terrace and stay all night long.


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