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Person lying in a floatation tank
Photograph: Supplied

Where to try float tanks in Melbourne

Keen to try a floatation tank? We’ve collated the best of them

Written by
Rose Johnstone

Recently, floatation tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks or isolation tanks, have popped up all over Melbourne offering busy Melburnians a chance to escape from the world and enter a dream-like state of weightlessness. Who knew that an alien-like pod filled with warm water and Epsom salt can be so soothing? Here’s a rundown of the best float therapy joints around Melbourne.

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Floatation tanks in Melbourne

Beyond Rest
  • Health and beauty
  • Prahran

Have you ever felt truly, and absolutely, weightless? When staying afloat takes no effort at all, to the point that you begin to lose any sense of your own body? If you’ve visited the Dead Sea, then these feelings might be familiar. But add total darkness, silence and stillness into the equation and things start to get a little more… interesting. This is what it was like trying floatation therapy for the first time.

  • Health and beauty
  • Spas
  • Hampton East

At Rest House Float Centre the feeling of calm permeates the entire experience, from the moment you step into the lounge-like waiting room and become ensconced in soothing ocean noises and the sweet smell of herbal tea brewing. Left alone in the room, I step into the pod and close the lid. I close my eyes, lie back, and start to enjoy the feeling of floating. With nothing to distract me, I quickly sink into a dream-like state – not quite awake, not quite asleep – enjoying the feeling of suspension. It’s bliss.

Elevation Floatation and Yoga
  • Health and beauty
  • Hawthorn East

Inside this new-age spa, the hustle and bustle of Camberwell Road almost completely disappears. The studio's cocoon-like sensory deprivation tanks, are completely sound and light proof and is filled up with lukewarm water which has been heated to about body temperature and mixed with 600kg of Epsom salts, creating an almost weightless environment. Clients can opt for a one-hour or two-hour session in the spaceship pod-like tanks. 

  • Health and beauty
  • Spas
  • Northcote

Gravity Floatation Centre was one of the first floatation therapy centres to open in Melbourne. It was co-founded by Nitel Mimi, who left the corporate world after discovering the stress-relieving benefits of floating. Both the Northcote and Armadale locations are chilled-out, welcoming spaces, complete with tea on arrival, individual rooms for each tank and high-quality hair and body products for showering.

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