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Emojis over tram on Bourke Street
Photograph: Graham Denholm

18 sounds that all Melburnians will recognise
Written by
Rebecca Russo

No other city sounds like Melbourne. From the familiar sound of a tram ding to a jovial Big Issue seller wishing you a good morning, visitors and locals will all recognise a few of these classic Melbourne sounds.

1. The ding... ding DING of an angry tram.
2. The clock at Melbourne Central that sings 'Waltzing Matilda'.
3. Suitcases being wheeled across various pebbled laneways.
4. The whoosh of cyclists as they speed down Swanston Street.
5. Construction. So. Much. Construction.
6. The sound of your Myki failing when you've forgotten to top up.
7. Train drivers casually explaining via the intercom why the train is late... again.
8. The subsequent groans from train passengers.
9. Italian restaurateurs on Lygon Street and Hardware Lane asking for "a table for two?"
10. Car horns blaring when someone doesn't do a hook turn correctly.
11. The sound of baristas bashing used coffee out of the portafilter.
12. “Biiiiig issue… gityerbigissuehere!”
13. The clippity-clop of the horse-drawn carriages.
14. Small talk in line at the American Doughnut Van.
15. People talking about plants in cafés.
16. The voice of that friendly, bow-tie wearing tram driver on the 109/48 tram.
17. Vendors yelling out “Onedollaronedollardonedollardonedollaronedollar” at Queen Vic Market.
19. The sound of silence that sweeps over an entire tram when people spot a transport officer.

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