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A five-star restaurant is serving Melbourne's most exxy bento box

An elaborate bento box featuring a whole lobster
Photograph: Supplied
Melbourne doesn't lack for luxe dining experiences. We've got five-star restaurants to spare, not to mention a $100 plate of hummus. And now you can indulge in this high-end takeaway in the city thanks to Japanese fine diner Ishizuka. It is making exactly one bento per day, Wednesdays to Sundays, which can be collected between 3pm and 7pm. It serves two to three people and costs a whopping $255. But, for context, the tasting menu when you visit the restaurant is $220 per person, so you could spin it as a money saver. 

If you are the lucky recipient of the day's bento you can expect a beautiful, three-layered serving box imported from Japan that's been packed with bite-sized snacks that span entrée to dessert – a kaiseki menu in miniature. And if the pictures are anything to go by it looks fancy AF – we're talking whole lobsters, perfect little sashimi and omelette cubes, and macarons. 

If you want to take your couch dinner to the next level, you can book this super-luxe bento by calling the restaurant on 03 8594 0895 or emailing

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