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Jason Arrow and the cast of Hamilton
Photograph: Supplied/Daniel Boud

Is Hamilton coming to Melbourne in 2022?

Hamilton will be leaving the Lyric Theatre by May 2022. Is Melbourne its next stop?

Cassidy Knowlton
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

Update 21/05/2021: Well, looks like we were right! An "insider" has told the Age that the production will be headed to Her Majesty's Theatre in March 2022. Ticket info is expected to be announced soon.

Of all the things that Sydney got last year that we didn't (freedom, for one), one boiled our blood more than the rest: the announcement that record-smashing musical Hamilton would premiere in the Emerald City. The Lin-Manuel Miranda juggernaut opened to absolutely rave reviews in March with an entirely Australian and entirely gobsmackingly talented cast and crew. While you could and should plan a trip up to Sydney to see it (and there's a website that might help you make the most of your break up north), we have an inkling that Melbourne audiences might be able to join the 8 million-strong army of Ham stans right here at home.

You see, Hamilton is currently enrapturing audiences at Sydney's Lyric Theatre. But another magical export is blowing into town early next year, and it's swallowing a spoonful of sugar at the Lyric. Disney's Mary Poppins is opening at the Lyric in May 2022, which leaves Hamilton without a home. Ever-resourceful Alexander might be willing to walk these streets famished, but we're pretty sure with the singing nanny taking the theatre, he'll be taking his couple of college credits and his top-notch brain on the road. And where better to welcome the immigrant coming up from the bottom than Melbourne?

This is all speculation at this point, as producers Michael Cassel Group have not yet confirmed what's next for Hamilton. But if it is Melbourne, there are a few places it could go. We're betting it won't be the Princess Theatre, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child unlikely to vacate anytime soon. Frozen is only selling at Her Majesty's Theatre through October, so it's possible Hamilton will move in afterwards. Moulin Rouge has the Regent booked through January, so the timing could be perfect for Hamilton rehearsals thereafter. The Comedy Theatre has only half the seating capacity of the Lyric, so we're guessing a show as huge as Hamilton would need a bigger theatre, but who knows?

We're hoping the show will be touching down in Melbourne sometime next year, but if you want a guarantee, it's time to book that flight to Sydney.

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