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A packet of hot jam doughnuts.
Photograph: Supplied / American Doughnut Kitchen

Just in: Melbourne's cherished American Doughnut Kitchen is opening a new shop in Prahran Market

It's the first new location for the Queen Victoria Market favourite in 70 years

Lauren Dinse
Written by
Lauren Dinse

If aliens were to beam down to our city to pick up some Melbourne artefacts, no doubt they'd swing by the American Doughnut Kitchen van at Queen Victoria Market. These sugar-dusted hot jam doughnuts have been giving Melburnians their sweet-and-fried fix since 1950, and we've even crowned them as one of the top things to try in Melbourne in your lifetime. 

But this week marks a new and exciting chapter for the beloved vintage van, which has just announced it's opening a new bricks-and-mortar store at Prahran Market. Yippee! For the first time, you'll be able to pair your doughnut with a delicious cup of coffee for the ultimate market breakfast.

And don't just expect another van. The new shop will feature a fitout that pays homage to the truck, with the same open work station so you can watch all that glorious doughnut magic take place – from the cutting and cooking, to the royal jam and sugar treatment. It'll be an immersive in-store experience guaranteed to enthral old-timers, little ones and kids at heart alike. 

Image render of the new American Doughnut shop.
Photograph: Supplied / American Doughnut Kitchen

As for the celebrity-status doughnuts, not much needs to be said if you've tried them. They've got the perfect Goldilocks level of oily crunch and they're piped with a sweet red dollop of classic raspberry plum jam (that's well worth getting your hands sticky for), then dusted in a generous snow of sugar. It's the taste of childhood in a single bite.

American Doughnut Kitchen managing director Belinda Donaghey says the new southside residence is the natural next step for the family operated business. 

"This expansion has been a long time coming and is a testament to our family’s commitment to creating moments of delight and connection. Our doughnuts are not just a treat; they are a symbol of tradition and indulgence. We’re excited to share our legacy with more doughnut lovers in Melbourne’s south while still staying true to our roots as a market trader."

There may even be collaborations with other market traders in the works, and we're thrilled to see what will unfold from these relationships.

“The new Prahran Market shop will be an open invitation to join the American Doughnut Kitchen family and discover just how much a humble jam doughnut can mean. We’re looking forward to meeting our new market neighbours and the endless partnership and collaboration possibilities that will come with it,” said Donaghey. 

Watch this space for the American Doughnut Kitchen's Prahran Market open date. 


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