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Regional travel in Victoria – here’s what you can and can’t do right now

The restrictions change on June 1. Here’s what that means for Victorian regional travel
Written by
Rebecca Russo

As of June 1, what we are and aren’t allowed to do – and where we’re allowed to go – will change. The latest announcements revealed that regional travel and overnight stays will be back on the cards very soon – but it’s important everyone knows exactly what’s allowed before we head out. 

According to Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services, restrictions on travel within Victoria will be eased further. You will be able to stay in a holiday home or a private residence. You will be able to stay in tourist accommodation, including caravan parks and campgrounds, but there can be no shared communal facilities (more on this later). Naturally, the DHHS is urging Victorians to use common sense with their travel arrangements, stating “it’s up to all of us to make this work”.

And that’s true. We can’t get complacent here. There are still rules in place to ensure everyone is safe and community spread remains low. 

But we get it – the Queen’s Birthday long weekend is coming up in Victoria (June 8), and we’re all desperate to get out of home and be somewhere different for a little while. So here's how you can do so legally and safely. 

How far can I travel? Can I visit people interstate?

There are currently no restrictions on how far you can travel in Victoria. There are also no restrictions on leaving or entering Victoria at this time, but keep in mind that if you leave the state, you fall under the rules of the state you are visiting. So familiarise yourself with the restrictions that apply at your destination (here’s what you need to know about NSW, for instance).

Can I book into a hotel or Airbnb?

From June 1, you can stay at tourist accommodation – so basically, any form of accommodation that you can book. Hotels, hostels, AirBnBs, motels, tiny houses, cabins, chalets, couch-surfing… but you can also stay at your parents' or stay on a friend’s couch… sleepovers are all allowed.  

Can I stay at a campground or a caravan park?

Yes. All of Parks Victoria’s camping sites will reopen to guests on June 1 – yes, all 1,348 of them! You can go glamping and stay at a caravan park as long as there’s no use of “communal areas”. 

What is a “communal area”?

Toilets will be open, but all other shared facilities like showers, kitchens, barbecues and water fountains will not. Unfortunately, that means you can’t stay at accommodation that requires the use of communal areas, like shared bathrooms and kitchens. 

Is there a time limit on staying away from home?

There’s no time limit. But be safe out there and use common sense, friends. 

Can I share a car with or drive passengers from outside my household in my car?

The advice is to avoid this where possible. There is no rule against it, but as a car is an enclosed space, it could heighten the risk of transmission. Just be careful. 

Can I move interstate?

Yes – you have always been able to move home and move interstate, subject to the relevant rules and permits you need to enter another state. (For instance, Tasmania has a 14-day quarantine period you have to abide by.)

For further clarification on any of these points, be sure to check with the DHHS' (very easy to read) website here.

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