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Supernormal's ramen is back again – and you can get it southside

Written by
Jess Ho

In our humble opinion, winter is the best season, because it encourages ramen-feasting. There's nothing better than a rich, fatty stock suspending a mass of alkaline wheat noodles to keep you warm in the cooler months. Supernormal agrees with us and has brought back its coveted, off-menu ramen for winter.

To jog your memory, Supernormal's ramen sits in a chicken chintan (clear) broth spiked with white soy, and it is adorned with an ajitsuke egg, prawn and chicken dumplings and togarashi (chilli). The kicker: this year will bring two variations on a theme. If you head to Supernormal, your ramen will be available for lunch only and will also include grilled chicken. Southside, at Supernormal Canteen, however, your ramen will come with fried chicken and pickles on the side and will be served as a meal set for dinners only, except on Fridays, when the restaurant is open for lunch.

Huddle in and slurp up. It will be spring before you know it.

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