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Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake, Victoria
Photograph: Parks Victoria

Mysterious destinations in Victoria worth travelling to

Head out on the road to these uncanny sights and bizarre phenomena
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Think you know everything there is to know about greater Victoria? Think again. This stunning state of ours is covered in hidden gems, both geological and man-made. Next time you're road tripping through Victoria, make a beeline for some of these regional secrets. 

Fancy a road trip from Melbourne? You can explore more at these secret gardens and hidden oases around Melbourne.

Regional secrets in Victoria

A gravity-defying hill in Mount Macedon

1. A gravity-defying hill in Mount Macedon

Stand at the bottom of the hill on Straws Lane in Woodend and face towards the incline. Place a ball on the road, and the ball will slowly roll up the hill, not downhill. Spooky, yes, but not so off-kilter considering you’re two kilometres away from eerie Hanging Rock. Find the exact location here.

Australia’s biggest hedge maze
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Melburnians have the distinct pleasure of being able to get lost in the country’s biggest and most impressive hedge maze. Located at Mornington Peninsula’s Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens, this maze was planted more than 40 years ago and now stands at over three metres tall. Are you up for the challenge?

A black lighthouse on the Bellarine Peninsula
Photograph: Visit Victoria

4. A black lighthouse on the Bellarine Peninsula

Did you know Queenscliff is home to the only black lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere? The Queenscliff High Light is near the white Queenscliff Low Light, and it’s painted this way so that ships can gauge distance and navigate the notoriously treacherous mouth of Port Phillip Bay. See its exact location here.

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Located in north-west Victoria, about four hours from Melbourne, is Lake Tyrrell, Victoria’s largest inland salt lake. Covering approximately 208 square kilometres, the lake’s salt is controlled mostly by weather changes. The best time to visit is on a clear winter’s evening when shallow water covers the lake, producing amazing and vast reflections of the sky above. During particularly wet and warm times of year, the water at Lake Tyrrell even turns pink.

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