NYC Marathon 2016 photos
Photograph: Filip Wolak

The NYC Marathon 2023 guide

Get ready to run the NYC Marathon 2023!

Shaye Weaver

NYC’s biggest running event is back with the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon, which will see thousands of runners from all over the world compete in a 26.2-mile race that spans all five boroughs. It’s impressive, to say the least! Even if you’re not running in the event, turning out to cheer on the athletes is time well spent.

Below, we've answered your most pressing questions about the TCS NYC Marathon so you can plan accordingly:

When is the NYC Marathon 2023?

The NYC Marathon will happen on Sunday, November 5.

What time does the NYC marathon start?


Where is the NYC Marathon 2023?

It runs 26.2 miles from Staten Island to Central Park in Manhattan. Check out the exact route here.

How do I register for the NYC Marathon 2023?

All the information you need to register for the race is available at

The application for entry opened in March, so you would have been notified if able to join the race by the end of that month.

What streets are closed for the NYC Marathon 2023?

We'll update them here as soon as they're announced.

NYC Marathon photos