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14 Sydney bars are serving cut-price Espresso Martinis for happy hour tonight

Emily Lloyd-Tait

Happy hour is one of those marketing ploys that genuinely results in a win-win situation: you get cheap drinks, the venue gets punters through the door in quieter service periods. The only real catch is that often it's not such a convenient time for those working to a nine-to-five schedule. 

Tonight you can down Espresso Martinis on tap from 14 bars in Sydney at the very drink-friendly time of 6pm, and they're up to half price, so that's more dollars for you once happy hour is over. The whole "on tap" element is crucial here, because it means each drink takes five second to make, not the several minutes one expects for a round of cocktails. This means more visits to the bar in the 6-7pm window before prices rise. 

If you fancy a cheap, quick, pick-me-up of Kahlua, vodka, and organic cold brew coffee to kick off your weekend, these are the participating venues. 

1. Bar Cleveland
2. Side Bar
3. The Horse
4. Harts Pub
5. Oceans Dining & Drinks
6. East Village
7. Drummoyne Sailing Club
8. Hotel Palisade
9. Middlebar
10. Longeuville Hotel
11. Commodore Hotel
12. Busby's Bar
13. Manly Pavilion
14. Cooper's Hotel

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