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The 29 moments that give every Sydneysider anxiety

#18: Seeing the “cash only” sign after you’ve ordered

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

It’s not that we’re uptight, but us Sydneysiders can get a little flustered when we feel the pressure to get to our seat on time or find somewhere to eat after midnight. There are heaps of anxiety-inducing moments that are part of living in Sydney. Here are just a few of them.

  1. “Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong” – the sound of the bell at the Opera House as you’re legging it up the steps.

  2. Hearing “last drinks” with no kick-on plans in place.

  3. That yellow 'Train Replacement Bus' sign.

  4. Being hailed by lifesavers over a megaphone to move back between the flags.

  5. Catching the 333 to Bondi in 35-degree heat.

  6. Rocking up to Iggy’s Bread at 7.10am and hoping there’s anything left in the bakery.

  7. Vivid crowds.

  8. Realising another summer has passed and you barely made it to the beach.

  9. Waiting to hear the first question in yet another Q&A session at another Writers’ Festival: “Hi, big fan. Mine question is in three parts….!”

  10. Visiting the Fish Markets during the 36-hour seafood marathon for a kilo of Christmas Day prawns.

  11. Trying to find somewhere to pee on New Year’s Eve.

  12. Seeing a sniffer dog looking at you.

  13. Realising you're seated in the front row of an intimate theatre performance.

  14. Trying to find a park in Potts Point.

  15. Trying to park in Bondi.

  16. Trying to park in Coogee.

  17. Trying to park in the CBD.

  18. Seeing the “cash only” sign after you’ve ordered. And eaten.

  19. Sprinting to the gates to catch the last ferry back from Manly.

  20. Hailing a regular taxi.

  21. Watching as your Uber driver accidentally joins the slip road for the Harbour Bridge.

  22. Trying to find dinner after 10pm.

  23. Trying to find a table at 7pm if you haven't booked.

  24. Remembering you’re out of wine at 10.25pm and you’re seven minutes’ from the nearest bottle shop. Thank God for Jimmy Brings.

  25. Thinking of somewhere to go after midnight that won’t have a cover charge, a queue, an overzealous bouncer, or one of those ID checkers.

  26. Mapping out a public transport route from the Inner West to Bondi.

  27. Mentally adding up unexpected road tolls.

  28. “Would you like still or sparkling?”

  29. Hanging in the Ticketek Waiting Room for Taylor Swift tickets. 

Of course there is lots to love about our city, too. Like every single thing on this list of the things to do in Sydney at least once in your life.

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