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Seven superpowers that would be useful in Hong Kong

From the ability to keep mosquitos at bay to the power to cease sweating, life in Hong Kong would be much improved with these powers

Hong Kong superpowers
By Graham Turner |

We recently wrote about things Hong Kong does better than anywhere else, but that doesn't mean we think our city’s the perfect place to live. With Avengers: Inifinity War on the way this week, we’ve turned our mind to the kind of superpowers that would be useful here in the 852. Obviously, most of the ideas here are begging to be turned into multi-billion dollar franchises so Marvel, DC – get in touch. Illustrations by Jessica Li

Obviously, a superhero isn’t much without their costume, so make sure you hit up one of these costume stores if you feel inspired for Halloween.

Seven superpowers that would useful in Hong Kong

Convert rubbish to land

We've got loads of trash in Hong Kong. The superpower we all need is one that consumes rubbish at an unprecedented level and defecates habitable land. Yeah okay, it sounds outrageous but Tokyo already has islands made out of rubbish – research Tokyo’s Central Breakwater landfill if you don’t believe – and plans to use them for the 2020 Olympics. If they have that power it’s something we need here, pronto.

Weather Manipulation

The kind of power that Storm from X-Men would use if she were more down to Earth and not worried about battling Apocalypse. Just think of all those times a T8 typhoon hits on a weekend or during the afternoon when you’re already stuck at work. In such scenarios you could use this power to nab your rightly owed time off work.


Sweat control

Most Hongkongers would be all over this power. Walking down the street is like trudging through an outdoor sauna most of the year. Rather than dipping into every 7-Eleven for a quick blast of AC, you could turn on your superpower and combat the forces of perspiration naturally.

Black hole stomach

It’s no secret that Hongkongers’ love for food borders on the obsessional. Thus the ability to eat endlessly would be nothing but a complete joy and worthy of a superhero. With all the eating challenges about town, such a person would certainly be someone many would look up to.


Mosquito repellent

The scourge. We've all had sleepless nights battling the buzzing of a mosquito that’s somehow snuck indoors. Somehow bug repellent never quite seems to work. It would be so much easier if we had the innate power to push them away. Like a Pied Piper but in reverse. And with mosquitos.


Human shield

Personal space is a real issue as one traverses the streets of Hong Kong. Keeping an eye out for the kind of villains likely to step on your brand new shoes or blow cigarette smoke in your face as you walk past is a constant battle. With a human shield, no-one would be able to come within a one-metre radius. If you feel such a superpower is unobtainable, we suggest you try not showering for a while and sample the results.


Hangover vanquishing

Hangovers happen to nearly all of us, though to some more regularly than others. And between the early starts, long days at work and the heat – hangovers are paralysingly unpleasant in Hong Kong. Not for this superhero, though. If they wake up after a heavy night feeling like a a cooked cactus, a snap of the fingers and ‘bingo’ (that could be their catchphrase), they’re ready to face the day.

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