Hong Kong government’s ‘Hello Hong Kong’ campaign to distribute 500,000 free airline tickets to boost city’s economy

The city aims to welcome tourists from around the world to visit

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On February 2, the Hong Kong government and Chief Executive John Lee launched the ‘Hello Hong Kong’ campaign, which includes a giveaway of 500,000 free airline tickets to travellers from all around the globe. The $2 billion campaign promotes the return of Hong Kong to the world stage as it bounces back from its lull during the pandemic, hoping to boost Hong Kong’s tourism and business industries while attracting foreign investors.

The 500,000 airline tickets will be distributed by Hong Kong Express, Cathay Pacific, and Hong Kong Airlines by March 1. Over the course of six months, each airline will be using their overseas platforms to gradually distribute the free tickets, starting with Southeast Asian countries, followed by mainland China and Northeastern Asia. Later this summer, an additional 80,000 free airline tickets will be distributed to Hong Kong residents with another 80,000 for those living in the Greater Bay Area.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board will be working alongside 16,000 local businesses on the campaign to give away one million vouchers to travellers visiting the city, which offer discounts on attractions, food and beverage consumption, travel, and retail. These vouchers will be distributed at tourist inquiry counters located at four border checkpoints from 5pm on February 2. Other highlights of the Hello Hong Kong campaign include more than 250 large scale events taking place over the year, spanning trade events, conventions, festivals, and more.

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