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Hong Kong ranks second in Asia that Googles beer the most

iPrice Group reveals top Asian countries thirsty for beers

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Time Out Hong Kong

While we all wait for bars to reopen, it seems like most people in Hong Kong are stocking up on alcohol at home, or at least, are interested in beer and searching about it online. According to the latest study from meta-search website, iPrice, Hong Kong ranks second in Asia to be Googling 'beer' from January to June 2020.

When most parts of the world went into lockdown during the start of the year, iPrice, started to record each Asian country's search volume on the keyword 'beer,' including each country’s local language. With various countries going under stricter social distancing measures and most food and drink establishments are closed – some even banning alcohol altogether – it's not surprising to see an increase in alcohol sales and consumption, especially for those stock-piling and staying at home.   

The study indicates that Asia's thirstiest countries online are Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, respectively. Singapore recorded to have the most search volume percentage on beer, accounting to 3.9 percent of the country’s reach. Hong Kong came in next, totalling 3.6 percent of the country’s reach on Google. And after going through strict lockdowns and even imposing an alcohol-ban in certain cities, the Philippines earned the third spot with 3.3 percent of its reach. 

iPrice was also able to identify the most popular beer brands searched, showing Dutch pale lager beer, Heineken, the top most popular beer brand in the eight listed countries, followed by Japanese beer, Asahi. The third most searched brands are Western beers, Hoegaarden, Carlsberg, and Budweiser. Insights also show that some countries are loyal to their local beers as their local brands are among the top three searched in their respective countries, like Taiwan with Taihu brewing, Vietnam with Saigon beer, Singapore with Taiger beer, and the Philippines with San Miguel beer. 

It looks like countries with the strictest pandemic measures are searching for beers the most. In contrast, countries like Thailand and Vietnam didn’t find the need to Google beer online since beer is easily accessible in both countries due to its more relaxed social distancing restrictions. 

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