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Impossible Sausage
Photograph: Courtesy Impossible FoodsImpossible Sausage

New plant-based Impossible Sausage now available in Hong Kong

The savoury sausage is now available in all Hong Kong Starbucks and will roll out to Fini’s and Triple O’s this September

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Time Out Hong Kong

After debuting plant-based burgers a couple of years ago in Hong Kong, California based food tech Impossible Foods is finally releasing their Impossible Sausage in the local market. 

Impossible Sausage is the company’s first all-new product since the company released the 2016 Impossible Burger in the market. The sausage launched in the US in January and was made available in over 22,000 locations nationwide, and now reaching international shores with its first launch in Hong Kong. According to Impossible Foods’ founder and CEO Dr Patrick Brown, the unprecedented demand for Impossible Sausage is a clear signal to the incumbent industry. "Consumers are accelerating the shift to a plant-based food system. This is particularly true in Asia, where pork dominates the meat market yet represents catastrophic threats to public health and the natural environment," Brown explains. Locally, we've seen this shift as more plant-based venues started to open in the city in the past months with the arrival of vegan bubble tea shop Mother Pearl, and plant-based pâtisserie, Bien Caramélisé. Impossible Foods hopes that the launch of Impossible Sausage in Hong Kong can further eliminate the need for animal agriculture worldwide, particularly in Asia, where meat consumption holds 44 percent of the world’s demand. 

Impossible Sausage

Starting September, local consumers can get a taste of the award-winning plant-based sausage featured as Maize Impossible Sandwich ($50) available at all Starbucks locations across Hong Kong. The delectable vegetarian-friendly sandwich is made with maize bread and filled with Impossible Sausage, egg, cheese, onions, roasted pumpkin, and vegetables. The sandwich is also available for delivery on Starbucks’ mobile app. So for those staying in, you can skip the queue and enjoy a meatless treat at home. Whether you are a health-conscious eater with dietary requirements, or simply love to taste some veggie meat, you will be glad to know that the Impossible Sausage is also designed to accommodate kosher and halal diets. Compared to conventional pork sausage patties, it contains 60 percent more iron, 45 percent fewer calories, 60 percent less total fat and zero mg cholesterol, and the same amount of protein. So, be assured that the nutrients are not compromised in this meatless patty. 

Hongkongers can also look forward to the debut of the juicy meatless patty in the upcoming weeks at various restaurants across the city. These include neighbourhood Italian restaurants Fini’s and Frank's Italian American, burger chain Triple O’s, and popular café chain Urban. In August, Impossible Foods made it possible for Hongkongers to purchase Impossible meat from various restaurants in the city as a way to help restaurants during these challenging times. So, for those cooking at home, 5lb bulk packages of Impossible Burger and 10-patty packs are still available in-stores and online orders at Coffee AcademicsCrft PitGafell, and The Butchers ClubElaine Soh 

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