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Whats keeping our editors sane
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Time Out Hong Kong editors share what's keeping them sane while staying in
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Tatum Ancheta

For now, social distancing and working from home has become our new normal. Like you, we are looking for ways to keep our heads straight and not go berserk during these challenging times. Here's what our editors are doing to help us stay calm, sane, and collected while we wait for the pandemic to be over. 

Tatum Ancheta, Editor-in-chief, Hong Kong  

In Hong Kong, it is already our second time to work from home since the outbreak started in February. So, based on our first experience, we created these useful tips on how you can stay productive (and sane) while working from home. Now that the government implemented stricter regulations and advised everyone to work from home again, this time we have accepted that for the time being, it is our new normal. Hong Kong dwellings are a bit smaller than in other cities so it can get a little cray cray cooped up in a tight apartment. Stretching is very important and adding home exercises in the morning keeps me energized. I also stay connected with my family and friends around the globe through video calls. We would have our e-cocktail nights and have a few laughs while online to keep our social lives. I actually feel more connected with so many people now; we spend more time reaching out to each other compared to before. Cooking also relaxes me; these grocery delivery services in Hong Kong are very helpful in keeping my pantry well-stocked. I also stopped watching the graph on coronavirus Worldometer every hour as I realize it will give me a heart attack. In between work, I'd chat with people and watch funny dog videos online to lighten my mood. 

Sam Evans, English Editor, Hong Kong  

Hong Kong has faced more difficult times recently as the second wave of coronavirus cases in the city have left many feeling a little jittery and – quite rightly – in isolation mode. Being at home all day makes me stir crazy, so I've been taking steps – literally – to make sure I don't go completely bonkers. When the sun goes down, and the streets are quiet, I've been masking up and going on walks around the city. These definitely aren't the best of times, but it's beautiful, in a weird way, to see Hong Kong so quiet and with so many lights twinkling from apartment blocks as so much of the population remains indoors. Contemplative walks aside, the missus and I have taken to commonly ordering from some of the best restaurants that are doing delivery, as a treat at the end of a hard day's work. I also love a good jog, which is a good thing, as lots of delivery food means lots of calories!   

Jenny Leung, Digital Editor, Hong Kong   

Well, that depends on how you define 'sane'. Apart from counting the days 'til it's all over, getting to spend some quality time with the family definitely helps. I'm used to working late in the office, so I rarely get to sit down with the rest of my family at the dinner table, but now that I'm at home a lot more, sitting down to chat with the fam and playing with my three-year-old nephew makes me feel like I'm human again. Apart from that, I've also been working out at home instead of going to the gym. There's so much negativity in the news these days, and breaking a sweat can help me temporarily take my mind off things while keeping my health in check too!

Ann Chiu, Chinese editor, Hong Kong  

I hate exercising so I feel guilty for overeating at home these days. But thanks to Nintendo SwitchRing Fit Adventure – which I bought last year but played with less than ten times – I get a full-body workout for a 20 to a 30-minute session. This gadget is actually a piece of playful fitness equipment, and it helps me break a quick sweat! Now I don't feel too guilty ordering delivery food during this stay at home phase. 

Cara Hung, Staff Writer, Hong Kong    

Overall, Hong Kongers are no longer in panic, and some people still need to go out for work. I choose to stay at home as much as possible and do my online shopping and get a bunch of beauty products on Sephora to keep me entertained. I also take virtual tours online and explore some of the well-known museums and watch online streamings of concerts.

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