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四大蛋治王, Egg Sandwich
Photograph:Ann Chiu

Ultimate egg sandwich showdown

We rate Hong Kong’s best traditional bing sutts

By Time Out Hong Kong

A humble egg sandwich can bring the biggest of joys (especially when paired with a good cup of lai cha). It can be the breakfast of champions or simply the perfect kind of comfort food after a long day at work. While most Hong Kong cha chaan tengs can boast egg-cellent sandwiches, we decided to go undercover and pit four of the fluffiest, creamiest egg sammies in town against one another in the hope of crowning one bing sutt to rule them all. Egg-citing stuff, isn’t it. By Ann Chiu and Olivia Lai

Hong Kong’s best egg sandwiches

Luen Fat 聯發茶餐廳 - egg sandwich
Photograph: N.Chiu

Luen Fat: strongest flavour

Restaurants Kowloon City

Luen Fat’s owners have ties to Jordan’s renowned Australian Diary Company and have made a name for themselves thanks to their stellar egg sandwiches, which are based on the secret recipe from the aforementioned cha chaan teng. Three eggs are whisked to perfection to create an incredibly smooth scrambled egg while maintaining a strong flavour. Deliciously runny when you bite into it and paired with thick sliced bread, the sandwich makes for a pretty filling dish. If we really have to nitpick, the sandwich is a tad too liberal with the use of butter. 

Time Out rating (out of five)

Price: $22
Aroma: 5
Fluffiness: 4.5
Thickness: 4 (22cm)
Total: 13.5

Capital Café: best value for money

Restaurants Sheung Wan

A business venture established by a former Capital Artists record company executive – hence the name – Capital Café now proudly boasts six branches across town and many of their chefs jumped ship from Australian Dairy Company. Mixing two eggs from different origins, this scrambled egg has a great taste, though it’s slightly overcooked, which means it loses a little fluffiness. The best thing about it is that it’s the cheapest out of the four. 

Time Out rating

Price: $19
Aroma: 4
Fluffiness: 3.5
Thickness: 3 (17cm)
Total: 10.5


Gala Café: eggs thicker than bread

Restaurants Tsuen Wan

A trusted name in Tsuen Wan ever since opening in 1978, Gala Café is no stranger to long queues and crowded tables. This famous spot is well-known for its liberal portions and the egg sandwiches are no exception. There’s more egg than bread in this sandwich, and the eggs are fried rather than scrambled. It’s incredibly satisfying – and delicious – to chow down when it’s fresh off the pan.

Time Out rating

Price: $26
Aroma: 4
Fluffiness: 4
Thickness: 5 (38cm)
Total: 13

Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant: layering is key

Restaurants Causeway Bay

Since opening in 2009, Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant has established eight outlets. Hongkongers travel far and wide for its signature scrambled and fried eggs mixed with Hokkaido 3.6 milk. Beautifully toasted bread sandwiches layer upon layer of scrambled egg – we counted 12 layers in total. This provides the dish great texture and makes it highly photogenic. Yet despite adding 3.6 milk into the mix, there’s a distinct lack of flavour, which makes for a huge disappointment. 

Time Out rating

Price: $45 (includes a drink)
Aroma: 1
Fluffiness: 2
Thickness: 4 (22cm)
Total: 7

四大蛋治王, Egg Sandwich

The verdict

Luen Fat’s egg sandwich has the highest score and wins the much-coveted title of Time Out’s King of Egg Sandwiches. Following closely behind is Gala Café. Aside from its rich flavour, the eatery maintains the unique old-school vibe of a traditional Hong Kong café, an atmosphere which the other three simply cannot match.

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