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Undateables stephanie daryl
Time Out Hong Kong

Find me a date: Stephanie and Daryl

We take two Hongkongers who swear they’re totally undateable, and put our matchmaking skills to the test

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Time Out Hong Kong

Stephanie: On first glance, I didn’t think he was my type, but I do have this bad habit of forming an opinion on people too quickly, so I kept an open mind going in, and was pleasantly surprised!”

Daryl: She seemed very down-to-earth and chill. We laughed at the fact that neither of us had ever gone on a blind date before. The conversation flowed smoothly after that.”

Stephanie:Conversation flowed. There was never a dull moment and we lost track of time, so I think that’s a pretty good sign!” 

Daryl:I definitely felt comfortable chatting with her. We have the same sense of humour – very bad humour – and similar backgrounds.” 

He did make one joke that went completely over my head, which was more embarrassing for me because I didn’t get it. I also missed my mouth when eating the meat platter, but he said he didn’t notice.” 

Daryl:She ordered the steak medium-well done. I usually go for medium-rare. Definitely raised an eyebrow at that, but she explained the reasoning behind it, so we were alright after that.”

:We ended the dinner quite late, at 11, and caught the MTR together. We also exchanged numbers and began following each other on Instagram!”

Daryl: “By the time we’d finished dinner it was already getting pretty late, but we set up follow-up drinks with some friends the day after. As it happens, that was pretty chill too.”

♥♥♥  “Wonderful first blind date experience. I highly recommend for people to sign up and try it.”

Daryl: ♥♥♥♥  “Overall the date went okay, but it could've been better. I’d love to do it again, maybe with someone new!” 

The hot spot

Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Steakhouse
  • Wong Chuk Hang

Stephanie: “The restaurant was a bit difficult to find, but the setting and ambience was great! The food was also pleasant and the staff were lovely.”

Daryl:The restaurant really blew me away on all fronts. The atmosphere, food, drinks, and service, everything was good. Their drinks and food were tasty and well presented. A very solid experience!”

Inspiration for a hot date indoors

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