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Types of people you come across on dating apps

Whether you’re swiping left or right, you’re guaranteed to stumble upon these digital daters

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Time Out Hong Kong

Yeah, yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day again. We understand that not everybody is excited about this ‘holiday’ designed to make single people feel guilty about their love lives (or lack thereof). Maybe you’d rather be independent, or maybe you’re secretly still recovering from the one that got away; either way, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and neither is being on dating apps to seek validation from strangers. Come on, we’ve all done it. Oh, those lonely nights…

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5 types of people you come across on dating apps

The foodie / traveller


“Loves: good food and travelling.” Each picture they upload to their profile is in a different city. First picture they’re holding a baguette in the streets of Paris, another with a glass of mojito by the beach in Bali. Oh, and pasta. There’s always pasta. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a foodie or a traveller, but the problem is, who doesn’t like food and travelling? Sorry, but that cup of coffee in a cute cafe is not going to give your profile that unique personality trait that you’re looking for.

The ghost


Claims they’re a nice person, yet disappears into thin air after two weeks of intense flirt texting. Sure, it’s not like you’re in love with them or anything, but just one last message for a slight bit of closure would have been nice. We get it, it’s difficult to break up with people, but it’s basic manners to explain your departure, no? This V-day, practise common courtesy and don’t leave them hanging – that’s just heartless. Project positive energy into the world and you shall receive!


The serial killer


We’re not talking about a full-on manipulative, yet charming, Ted Bundy here, but you know the type – doesn’t have one photo of their face fully visible on their profile, and constantly wants to meet up somewhere private at night… We don’t know about you, but we always, always ask to meet in public before we do anything rash. You never know what’s inside of that blurry side profile. They might not exactly be trying to murder you, per se – but they could be creeps, stalkers, or worse, just really really clingy.

The tourist


“In town for the weekend, send me recs!” They’ll ask you out for a drink, maybe even a nice, romantic candlelit dinner. You end up having a great time; they invite you back to their hotel room… But don’t let yourself be fooled – if they’re just in town for a few days or so, it’s likely that your date will be the first and last time you ever see them again. Of course, no judgement here if you’re just looking for fun and games, just be careful you don’t end up being a time-filler.


The cuff


Congrats! You’ve matched, you’ve talked, and now you’re on your first date. It’s all going great until: “How is your relationship with your parents?”, “When can I meet your friends?”, “Do you like kids?” No one ever says upfront that they’re looking to settle down, but when these questions come flying at you, you can sense there’s something not quite right. It’s not that they’re trying to scam you or anything, but they genuinely just want to know as much about you as possible and figure out whether you’re “the one” for them or not. It might scare some people away, but you never know – online dating success stories do exist.

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