Nam Sang Wai Wetlands
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7 Hiking trails and walks for families in Hong Kong

Easy breezy hikes for the whole family

Jenny Leung

Hong Kong has tons of amazing hiking trails that can satisfy hikers of all levels and experiences, including plenty of family-friendly options that will give you a great excuse to rip your kids away from their iPhones or TV screens and enjoy the city's natural landscapes. From seaside adventures to scenic hikes with stunning views, here are some of the best family-friendly hikes and walking trails that are suitable for hikers of all ages.

RECOMMENDED: For more seasoned hikers or those looking for something more adventurous, try one of these alternative hiking trails or head out and explore Hong Kong's secret islands.

Family-friendly hikes and trails in Hong Kong

Nam Sang Wai

Once known for its infamous fugitive crocodile, Pui Pui, Nam Sang Wai is ideal for a family field trip and a spot of bird watching. This rural landscape is an important habitat for birds, including many migratory species on their annual journey across East Asia. Depending on the season, you may be able to spot birds like egrets, cormorants, or even rare spoonbills.

There’s no set route to take, simply make your way across the wetland park’s large network of narrow banks between ponds. Our favourite trail sticks to the southern half of the wetlands and ends at the Nam Sang Wei Ferry Pier.

Tai Mei Tuk Family Walk

This jaunt beside Plover Cove Reservoir is a great walk for little legs as it only takes an hour or so. Roughly one kilometre in length, the trail takes you through Tai Mei Tuk – a natural paradise at the foot of Mount Pat Sin Leng.

Kick off your adventure at Bradbury Jockey Club Youth Hostel, a stone’s throw from the scenic Plover Clove (take the 20C minibus from Tai Po Market Station to Tai Mei Tuk bus terminus). The walk passes a series of 12 columns representing signs of the zodiac, and visits four viewing points from where you’ll be treated to sweeping views across the reservoir.


Hoi Ha and Pak Sha O

For a seaside adventure, take the family on a walk around the villages of Hoi Ha and Pak Sha O. Located in the far north of the Sai Kung Peninsula, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park has diverse marine life.

Beyond Hoi Ha village, there's a small pier where you can snorkel and explore the coral close to shore. – you might even spot a few crabs scurrying around! The beaches at Hoi Ha Wan have crystal clear waters and white sand, providing you with a perfectly calming haven away from the city.

Roaming further inland you will eventually reach the beautifully renovated Hakka village of Pak Sha O. Remember to respect the residents’ privacy, but don’t be afraid to take a look around the lush woods.

Tap Mun (Grass Island)

Catch a ferry to Tap Mun from Wong Shek or Ma Liu Shui to this idyllic grassy island. There’s a gentle trail over the island that takes you through unspoiled fishing villages, loads of grass, and famous rock formations on the coastline such as Balanced Rock and the Neck of the Dragon. Wild cattle dot the landscape, making the walk exciting for kids. It’s also a top place to fly a kite.


Olympic Trail, Lantau

This slightly longer but highly scenic trail over Lantau begins at Pak Mong village, near Tung Chung. It starts with a slow ascent, ultimately providing stunning views of the airport and Lantau’s lush peaks. The trail descends fairly steeply (so be careful!) and passes by the famous Silvermine Waterfall, before descending into Mui Wo village and the beach at Silvermine Bay. You should all be ready for a good meal and a nap on the ferry after this one. 

Hok Tau - Sha Lo Tung - Fung Yuen

This gentle walk is great for beginners. To reach the Hok Tau Reservoir, follow Hok Tau Road and walk past Hok Tau Campsite. From there, you can proceed to Cheung Uk via the ancient path and visit Sha Lo Tung Valley, before walking downhill to Ting Kok Road via Fung Yuen. Make sure you check out Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve on the way. 



The Peak Circular Walk

This family-friendly walk offers views of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour. The mostly flat and paved path circles around the Peak and takes one to two hours to complete. To start the walk, simply take the Peak Tram up to the top and follow the signs for the Peak Circle Walk. The route is well-marked and easy to follow. When you're done, rest and refuel at The Peak Galleria.

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