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Summer Sunsets by Martin Lee/Beyond Visuals
Photograph: Courtesy Beyond Visuals/Martin Lee

10 best Hong Kong photographers you need to follow on Instagram

To follow, or not to follow, that is the question.
Written by
Jenny Leung

Thanks to Hong Kongs beautiful architecture, iconic skyline, and stunning spots that don't even look like you're in Hong Kong, it's safe to say that we live in one of the most photogenic cities on Earth. So, naturally, plenty of photographers have taken full advantage of its beauty by sharing their talent and jaw-dropping shots on Instagram. Who are the best ones to follow in Hong Kong, you ask? Read on to find out our picks.

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Best Instagrammers in Hong Kong

Derry Ainsworth

There's something ever so intriguing about Derry's photos. We're not sure if it's the alluring tones, perfectly-timed compositions, or mind-blowing ability to turn ordinary everyday scenes into beautiful works of art. Whatever it is, it always keeps us wanting more.

Beyond Visuals

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A post shared by Bernie Ng (@itsbernie81)

Want to look at Hong Kong from above and beyond? Beyond Visuals is your go-to. Made up of five talented Hong Kong-based photographers (@visualspassport, @blairsugarman1, @will_tm, @itsbernie81, and @jsrpixel), Beyond Visuals focuses mainly on drone photography. Taking the beauty of our city to new heights (literally), each photographer brings their own fascinating take on how they see Hong Kong.


Harimao Lee

Harimao Lee’s photographs are grungy but slick, soft yet striking. Boasting an array of images from locations not just in Hong Kong but also around the world, Harimao's profile feed will have you in complete awe whilst trying to add every photo location to your travel bucket list.

Lester Lau

It can be difficult to find calmness amidst Hong Kong's urban chaos, but Lester Lau manages to capture it with seemingly little effort. Showing us a peaceful side of Hong Kong often with soft, dreamy tones with a hint of throwback vibe, Lester's photos document the city in a laidback manner that many of us could only yearn for.


Timmy Lo

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A post shared by Timmy Lo| Hong Kong (@timmy727) on

With a keen sense for minimalism, Timmy Lo's photos often play with different patterns, textures, and perspectives, giving his audience a long-lasting impression with his unique photography style. 

Victor Cheng

If you need some cheering up, Victor Cheng's Instagram is packed with colours that will surely turn that frown upside down. Capturing the city in all shades and colours, Cheng let you in on a brighter side of Hong Kong.


Kevin Mak

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A post shared by Kevin Mak (@kingymak)

Hong Kong architect Kevin Mak showcases the city with a focus on the relationship between the subject and its context, narrating different stories of urban life. 

Ronson Chan

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A post shared by Ronson Chan (@ronsonchan)

With an affinity for street photography, Ronson Chan documents the seemingly mundane side of Hong Kong that is often overlooked. Conveying a sense of raw emotion and a touch of nostalgia, Chan captures the hidden charms of our city and inspires us to love and appreciate our hometown.


Tommy Fung

Depicting social issues in a witty and tongue-in-cheek manner, Tommy Fung is a photographer who brings his pictures to life through surreal edits. Whether it's adding a surgical mask to the giant buddha or a tornado lifting the ICC up into the sky, Fung's imagination pushes the boundaries in the best ways possible.

Kyle Yu

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A post shared by kyle_yu (@kyle_yu)

Kyle Yu’s photographs are all about composition. From the symmetrical alignment of buildings and patterns on roads to ad postings and raindrops on his camera, each image is captured with an eye for detail. Although the photographer and graphic designer announced his departure from Instagram in March 2020, his feed is still well worth checking out if you're ever in need of some photography inspiration.

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