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9 famous quotes about Hong Kong that sum up our city

Poignant, whimsical, funny – these takes on our city by famous people will have you nodding your head in agreement
Written by
Sam Evans

There’s something about Hong Kong that always seems to get people talking. Whether it’s the extraordinary buzz of our city, the out-of-this-world food scene, the quirky fashion, or just the sense of acceptance and belonging that people find here – remarks about our great city never seem to end. Here are nine notable quotes by prominent people – from Hong Kong and elsewhere – that really sum up our city.

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9 quotes that sum up Hong Kong

Anthony Bourdain (late American celebrity chef)
Photograph: Shutterstock

1. Anthony Bourdain (late American celebrity chef)

“In Hong Kong, you don’t take the tour bus to find good food. You don’t need to know where you’re going – you just press start.”

Nury Vittachi (Hong Kong-based author)
Photograph: Shutterstock

2. Nury Vittachi (Hong Kong-based author)

“You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.”

A quote from Vittachi's book, Hong Kong: The City of Dreams

Christopher Doyle (cinematographer)
Photograph: Shutterstock

3. Christopher Doyle (cinematographer)

“The best thing about the (Mid-Levels) escalator is it’s the best people-watching place in the world, because hundreds of people just come and go.”

Doyle is known for his work in the movies Chungking Express, Happy Together, In the Mood for Love, and 2046

Peter Jon Lindberg (journalist)
Photograph: Courtesy of Mott 32

4. Peter Jon Lindberg (journalist)

 “Life in Hong Kong transcends cultural and culinary borders, such that nothing is truly foreign and nothing doesn’t belong.”

Lindberg is a travel and food journalist, and editor at large at Condé Nast Traveler

Prince Charles
Photograph: Shutterstock

5. Prince Charles

“Hong Kong has created one of the most successful societies on Earth.”

Paul Theroux (novelist)
Photo: Unsplash/Airam Dato

6. Paul Theroux (novelist)

 “When I went to Hong Kong, I knew at once I wanted to write a story set there.”

Theroux is an American travel writer and novelist, best-known for his travelogue, The Great Railway Bazaar

Camilla Belle (actress)
Photograph: Unsplash/JC Gellidon

7. Camilla Belle (actress)

“Hong Kong girls have a genius sense of style. I came back to the States thinking no one here has any individuality. Or cute enough socks.”

Belle is an American actress, director, and producer, known for her roles in When A Stranger Calls and The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jonathan Gash (British writer)
Photograph: Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

8. Jonathan Gash (British writer)

“Hong Kong is the benchmark; everybody else's affluence is mere tat. Until you've experienced that perfume-washed air as polarized glass doors embrace you into a luxury hotel's plush interior, you've only had a dud replica of the real thing.”

A quote from Gash's classic crime fiction book, Jade Woman

Jet Li (actor)
Photograph: Unsplash/Jordan Merrick

9. Jet Li (actor)

“When I lived in Hong Kong, I felt that Hong Kong is my family.”

Li lived in Hong Kong in the 80s where he became involved in the martial arts film scene

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