Where to stay in Lisbon

Everything you need to know about the best places to stay in Lisbon when visiting
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Find out where to stay in Lisbon with the insider's guide to the city's best areas. 

Each neighbourhood is unique - do you prefer to be near the beach or city center? Is a historical scene more up your alley, or are you looking to be near the hottest nightlife spots? To help you choose we compiled a guide for the best and coolest places in the city. 


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Where to stay in Lisbon

Chiado ao final do dia
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Families, celebrities, tourists, divas, intellectuals or fools: everyone strolls around the most famous and dearest of neighbourhoods. All roads lead to Chiado. Take a walk on the city's red carpet and release your inner Prima-Donna. We promise it's okay, just go with it.  

Find the best things to do in Chiado.

Sé de Lisboa
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Baixa and Sé

With many restaurants to try from - don't fall for the tourist traps that will try to seduce you each step of the way - and many typical stores and streets to lose yourself in, both Baixa and Sé are worth a whole day (or more) of exploring. Bring comfortable shoes and hit the streets.

When the day is done, grab a seat at a bar, watch the game (whichever one is on) and you'll get why Baixa is one of the best places in Lisbon for a late afternoon drink.

Find the best things to do in Baixa and Sé.

Cinco Lounge
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Príncipe Real

If we translate the name of this neighbourhood it literally means Royal Prince. With restaurants, bars, stores, and art galleries everywhere,
 this neighbourhood is clearly attempting a rise to the throne. Hang in the coolest bars, shop at the dopest stores or just go for a bite.

It’s also the neighbourhood with the most alternative shops, colourful fun nights and the hottest restaurants. There’s a lot to see and do and the offer is varied and does not disappoint. If you’re here for the food than be ready to taste a bit of every corner of the world. 

Find the best things to do at Príncipe Real

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The views, the people and the streets. Dive into the heart of the old city that was once the whole city of Lisbon. Although Alfama eventually grew, it remained the heart of the capital. Get ready to get lost in its picturesque streets and meet its deepest and most well kept secrets. 

Find the best things to do in Alfama.

Castelo de São Jorge

Graça and Castelo

Play detective and search for little villas, eat fresh fish and have a toast with sparkling sangria, you'll fit right in. Afterwards, walk around the neibourghood and visit one of the most famous Lisbon Castle and take it all in - this is as typically Portuguese as it gets. There is plenty to see beyond the Great Castle.

Find the best things to do in Graça and Castelo.

Vila de Cascais
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A half-hour drive away from Lisbon, this seaside town has lots to offer if you have a day to spare. Or two.

If you think that Cascais is good for nothing more than to surf and look at pretty beaches, get ready to be proven wrong. It’s the true jewel of Portugal’s capital and is constantly coming up with new things to see and do in town – as well as a packed calendar all year-round. New and old stores, restaurants and bars will keep you busy for the length of your stay.

Either for a weekend getaway or a vacation near the beach, Cascais has some of the most swoon worthy hotels.

Find the best things to do in Cascais.

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Alma Lusa Hotel
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As Janelas Verdes
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The best boutique hotels in Lisbon

That Lisbon doesn’t lack hotels, everyone knows. And that the number of hotels has risen considerably over the last few years – a result of the worldwide hype around our city – is also a well-known fact. That being said, we swooped the whole of the city’s hotel industry to bring you the best boutique hotels in Lisbon.   Considered the rich cousin of the not-so-fancy Bed&Breakfast, boutique hotels are known for their personality and cosy environment. The laidback mood is designed to make guests feel at home, and these certainly knew how to do it.

Hotel White Lisboa

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