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The scene surrounding clubs in Shoreditch is large and super diverse. From the impressive roof terrace at the Queen of Hoxton to the inimitable rock nights at alternative music mainstay, the Old Blue Last, Shoreditch clubs have something to offer even the most seasoned clubber. For hip, hedonistic hang-outs, have a ganders at Time Out’s guide to clubs in Shoreditch.

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Ru K

I was in the Shoreditch bar ( the Shoreditch bar - London E1 6JE) this evening (Fri. 8.9.17), whilst going to the loo ( cubical, as many folk do, due to paranoia of urinals and their audience). I was quite taken back by the toilet groupie ( I.e.. The individual who gets paid by the establishment to sit in the toilets all night and pressure folk to pay for normal sanitary behaviour ( I.e. Wash your hands after done deed) who walked into my cubical ( it had a lock which could not work, due to the clasp not being present!) and asked what I was doing! I, with penis in hand urinating full flow stated as such! yet the man was still questioning me! My gripe is what gives an individual the right to do that! To be honest, I believe the toilet attendant there was getting a " jolly " looking at me urinating! This by all means is a perversion which is accountable by law and treated as such if applied to a public space! Due to the fact, that it is in a bar, and if you speak out against it, you are likely to be man- handled by the rented security, it leaves you in a dilemma! I will NOT be frequenting this establishment again, however I will be writing to my local MP in relation to the viability of toilet attendants for I believe that they should be subject to a DBS

( CRB) check to insure that they do not have any convictions in relation to perversion or other immoral acts! If you agree please do the same, as too many bars / pubs and clubs apply these tactics to maximise their income, against our basic human rights (I.e. Wash your hands after using the loo, without feeling intimidated or bullied into paying for what is a basic human right, giving the circumstances!).