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The best desserts to get delivered for Valentine’s Day

Cakes, puddings and ice cream to enliven even the least romantically inclined among us


Valentine's Day is tricky at the best of times. It's not easy to cram so much love, affection and romance into a single 24-hour period. Now that we're all stuck inside it's even harder. 

You've already browsed the Valentine's meal kits on offer. Have you considered: cake? Not just cake. Pud-pud. Ice cream. Choccy chocs. Durian crepes? It's widely acknowledged among love experts that dessert is the most romantic course of any meal. So maybe this is the year you order a job lot of donuts to your home? You know, to make Valentine's Day special.

This list will be added to all the time, and if you know of any businesses worthy of inclusion (or if you spot something that needs to be updated) by all means get in touch.

If your sweet tooth has been sated then have a look at our list of fruit and veg companies now delivering boxes of healthy stuff to your homes. We also have lists of London butchers and fishmongers, specialist grocers and all manner of awesome restaurants that deliver too.

London’s best desserts for delivery

They say: 'Brigadeiros come in a number of different colours and flavours... they are little balls, almost truffle-like and a little light fudge in consistency, made by hand with swiss cocoa, condensed milk and double cream.'

The sweet stuff: A box of 16 creamy, Brazilian truffle-like bites, delivered with some charming British, seasonal flowers. How very romantique. 

Delivery: Citywide. Your brigadeiros usually arrive within 48-hours of ordering.

They say: ‘Our Wallpaper* design award-winning terrazzo chocolate tiles are as spectacular to taste as they are to look at. Infused with carefully selected herbs and spices, we handcraft each tile with the finest chocolate.’

The sweet stuff: Aesthetically pleasing slabs. Look at them, take a photo or two, talk about how nice they are, then eat them.

Delivery: Currently trying to deliver ASAP, but with very forgivable delays here and there.


They say: 'Cake or Death bakery in East London creates some of the UK’s most loved brownies available to order online and delivered hassle-free through your letterbox. They also happen to be vegan; a bonus for both you and the planet.'

The sweet stuff: A limited edition, V-Day box (£20) of COD's killer vegan brownies. 

Delivery: Available to order from February 1. For free delivery allow five to seven days for delivery. Personalised romantic notes can be added to each box.

  • Vegetarian
  • Camden Market
Chin Chin Ice Cream
Chin Chin Ice Cream

They say: ‘Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice-cream parlour.’

The sweet stuff: Cherry pie and chocolate cookier but the main event is the kits for creating you own nitrogen ice cream. Also available:marshmallow spread, as well as ‘test tubes’ full of popping candy, plastic sachets of pistachio powder and caramelised pretzels. Toto, we aren’t in Ice Cream Kansas any more. 

Delivery: Across London via Deliveroo.


They say: ‘We’ll take you on a voyage of discovery and introduce you to some of the most exciting flavours and fascinating stories from around the chocolate world.’

The sweet stuff: The fanciest, rarest, most artisanal choccy money can buy. Choose your preferred cocoa percentage and go from there.

Delivery: Still aiming for next-day deliveries, despite everything.

They say: ‘The Creams story is one of passion, commitment and big flamboyant desserts. It took many years of research and tasting gelato, waffles and crepes to perfect the concept.’

The sweet stuff: A lot of OTT ice creams, Oreo milkshakes and cookie doughs. Oh and bubble-pop waffles. They are, as Creams says, ‘the last word in waffledom’.

Delivery: Deliveroo-ed straight to your door from one of the many Creams outlets across London.


They say: ‘London’s only 100% all natural bakery. We make everything from scratch and where possible we use real British ingredients or source from British producers where we can’t.’

The sweet stuff: Cakes and (wince) ‘biskies’. The stuff looks next-level, though, and the mixed selection boxes would make anyone’s day.

Delivery: £9 charge, within the M25, seven days a week.


They say: ‘You can get any groceries from our farmshop shelves delivered to your door.’

The sweet stuff: The farmshop giant does a good line in chocolate puddings and crumbles, as well as an incredibly sophisticated marmalade-and-walnut cake.

Delivery: All of London. Free delivery for customers living near Daylesford farmshops.

They say:The Dusty Knuckle Bakery (Est 2014) is a London-based social enterprise and food operation that supplies some of London’s most renowned chefs with exceptional bread and pastries.’

The sweet stuff: Top-notch hot cross buns and morning buns.

Delivery: Free if your order is over £40. To E1, E2, E3, E5, E8, E9, EC1, EC2, N1, N4, N5, N7, N15, N16, NW5, SE5, SE15, SE22, W2, W8, W9, W10 and W11.


They say: ‘Our signature triple chocolate brownies. Rich, fudgy and studded with white chocolate chunks. We use Pump St 44 percent Ecuador white chocolate chips.’

The sweet stuff: Letterbox-sized brownies, as well as a selection of little and not-so-little cakes.

Delivery: Courier for Zones 1 and 2 is available. Orders are dispatched on Thursdays, and usually take two days to arrive. Orders can also be collected from the bakery’s Islington shop.

They say: ‘Premium, handmade cheesecakes and desserts delivered to your door.’

The sweet stuff: You thought you knew cheesecake? Unless you’ve seen this site, you did not. And there’s fudge cake, too!

Delivery? As per usual, but now with a handy ‘leave the cake on my doorstep’ option.


They say: ‘Evering Cake bakes, designs and creates beautiful cakes with the most natural, high-quality ingredients they can get their hands on.’

The sweet stuff: Big, fancy, bespoke cakes but also brownies and the like. This is the sister company of Bake Street in Stoke Newington.

Delivery: All across London.

They say: ‘Our award-winning range of gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free products are handmade daily in our dedicated gluten and wheat free premises.’

The sweet stuff: Tons, including nut brownies, white chocolate bites, carrot and walnut cakes, and something called a bienenstich. All totally free from gluten.

Delivery: All London postcodes.

  • Snack bars
  • Soho

They say: ‘When baking bread is your passion, it’s a short but gratifying leap into the endlessly creative realm of cakes, brownies, cookies and madeleines.’

The sweet stuff: A big ol’ range, running the gamut from lemon drizzle cakes and sour cherry chocolate scones to shortbreads and biscuits.

Delivery: Prompt, as you'd expect from a chain. Gail’s says it’ll get your order to your door within 48 hours.

They say: ‘Our ice cream breaks convention, and to break convention we constantly find new ways to refine our craft. From the tools we use, to the ingredients we select, everything has been meticulously planned and sourced by us for the finest results.’

The sweet stuff: The Lionel Messi of ice cream. Meticulously engineered for unbeatable results. These artisans pride themselves on going the extra mile to deliver next-level desserts. The cornflake flavour is not to be missed.

Delivery: Next-day, right across London. Minimum order is four 500ml tubs. You’ll make quick work of them. They're on Deliveroo too.


They say: 'Kipferl is based on the Viennese coffeehouse, where the kitchen is open all day and you can sit on your own with a 'kleiner Brauner' and a piece of cake... Through our online shop we are offering the finest Austrian cakes, wines & more for delivery in London and all over the UK.'

The sweet stuff: We love this Angel cafe, and are delighted they're now offering their cakes to all of London via delivery. The Sachertorte (chocolate cake with apricot jam) is notoriously good and they've also prepared three different Valentine's Day options for those looking for a big dose of Austrian love. 

Delivery: All London postcodes, Monday to Saturday. Most orders received before 10am can be sent out the next working day.

They say: ‘A leading cake/tea shop started in the heart of London that provides fine Japanese/French patisseries and premium bubble tea.’

The sweet stuff: A lot of ‘crêpe cakes’ which consist of layered French pancakes and pastry cream. Also check out the matcha ganache. Oof.

Delivery: Within eight miles of its South Kensington outlet.

  • Bakeries
  • Bethnal Green
Lily Vanilli
Lily Vanilli

They say:The bakery has a weekly-changing seasonal menu of cakes, pastries, fresh juice and our famous sausage rolls and brownies.’

The sweet stuff: The popular Columbia Road spot is offering cakes and brownies, baked by the titular Lily.

Delivery: ASAP, between 11am and 4pm.

They say: ‘We bake London’s favourite cupcakes and cakes fresh everyday using the finest ingredients.’

The sweet stuff: Boxes and boxes of the capital’s pre-eminent high-quality cupcakes. Let’s celebrate the fact that the horn on each unicorn cupcake is indeed edible. Fruit and veg boxes are also available!

Delivery: Selected items can be ordered by 2pm the day before the delivery or collection date. All other items must be ordered with two days notice before 2pm.


They say: ‘Oppo, the luxury low-calorie ice-cream brand, has launched a direct to consumer ice-cream delivery service.’

The sweet stuff: Sticks ’n’ tubs of high-end ice cream, with way less sugar than the regular stuff.

Delivery: Drop-offs are made from Tuesday to Friday and for every order you make, it’ll throw in a free tub for your neighbour. Generous. Delivery is free for orders over £25.

  • Greenwich
Paul Rhodes
Paul Rhodes

They say: ‘One of the leading independent bakeries in London, specialising in handcrafted breads and pastries, all made using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques.’

The sweet stuff: Masterfully crafted munchies. Order whole trays of cinnamon or chelsea buns, or dive headlong into the rarified world of meringues and macaroons. Also: the chocolate cake loaf looks upsettingly good.

Delivery: All of London.


They say: ‘Order pudding online, this is freshly made and delivered to you at home – we’ll bring pudding basically and can do this on the same day if you want it quickly!’

The sweet stuff: It’s famous for coconut macaroons, but The Proof has a lot more besides, including souffles and sticky toffee puddings.

Delivery: Only covering east and north London currently but looking to expand ASAP.

They say: ‘Our approach in the kitchen is perfectionist, experimental, flavour-obsessed and motivated by all things indulgent.’

The sweet stuff? It’s right there in the name. Everything from slightly outré crème-brûlée-flavour brownies, to more conventional fare.

Delivery: Three to five working days across the UK.

  • Ice-cream parlours
  • Tufnell Park
Ruby Violet
Ruby Violet

They say: We create spectacular natural lip-smacking ice creams, vegan sorbets and exotic ice-cream creations in Tufnell Park.’

The sweet stuff: Small-batch handmade ice cream, available in tubs. Tons of flavours including earl grey, masala chai and something called Ruby’s Russian Roulette.

Delivery: Huge swathes of north London, from Alexandra Palace to Marble Arch. Check the website for specifics. Minimum spend £15.

They say: Nothing. They’re too cool. But essentially Snackbar is an east-London café focusing on Asian-inspired cuisine, using produce grown in the heart of Dalston.

The sweet stuff: Cookies, buns and pasytries. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of limited edition desserts too.

Delivery: Within a three-mile radius of Dalston.


They say: ‘Celebrating the culture and cuisine of Japan, Brazil and Peru.’

The sweet stuff: A chocolate banana cake (which contains rum and serves four), as well as a hard cake, consisting of yuzu ganache, lychee and cherry mousse. High class.

Delivery: House delivery within a five miles radius of Covent Garden, £25 minimum spend.

  • Crêperies
  • Southwark
Where the Pancakes Are
Where the Pancakes Are

They say:Our online store offers a small repertoire of pancake boxes and other bits to help you make our signature pancakes at home.’

The sweet stuff: Okay, it’s not quite ordering dessert. It’s ordering the ingredients to help you make dessert. But we like WTPA, and once you taste its battered brilliance, you will too.

Delivery: Next day, if you’re in central London.


They say:Yauatcha Soho is an all-day dim sum teahouse offering classic and contemporary dim sum, wok dishes, patisserie and an innovative wine and cocktail list.’

The sweet stuff: Patisserie. Either ten of its famous mixed macarons, or a box of four cakes.

Delivery: Only to postcodes close to Soho, via the Supper app.

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