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The 10 best bachelor party ideas in LA

Make it a memorable night with these 10 best bachelor party ideas, from a bar crawl to, yes, a strip club visit

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman
Last Drop whiskey at The Daily Pint

You figured out where to buy a diamond ring and settled on a wedding venue, but before the big day it's time to think about you—or rather, you and your best buds. If you're falling short on bachelor party ideas in LA, we're here to help. Here's the thing about bachelor parties: Don't feel pressured into involving naked ladies just because you think you're supposed to. Want to go on some Disneyland rides? Send us a photo from Space Mountain. Spending a night at a comedy club? Enjoy, just don't heckle. If you're looking for something fun and memorable, may we suggest these 10 best bachelor party ideas in Los Angeles.

10 best bachelor party ideas


Take a day trip

Los Angeles is a great city, and it’s not like there isn’t enough to do here for a bachelor party. But sometimes a short out-of-town trip is just what you need to make the occassion feel memorable. Shovel down beers and brats in Solvang or get outdoorsy in Big Bear and, most importantly, just enjoy the ride.

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By: Time Out Los Angeles editors

Mash buttons and waggle a joystick

There’s a decent chance you've spent a good portion of your adolescence with your hands on a controller or an arcade joystick. Indulge your inner child at these adult-friendly arcade bars, ones where you and your mates can murder each other in Street Fighter over a few beers and cocktails. If you're specifically looking for nostalgic arcade cabinets and pinball tables, we suggest Button Mash or EightyTwo.

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By: Time Out editors

Put some hair on your chest with a whiskey flight

Once viewed as a drink for cowboys and moustached gentlemen, whiskey is now the people's liquor: cool, accessible and found in drinks both neat and complicated. Whether you're a brown spirit newbie or a bonafide aficionado, you'll find plenty to bond over with these rare pours and flights of bourbon, Scotch and whiskeys from around the globe.

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By: Time Out contributors

Rough it and go camping

We're surrounded by miles of beachy coastline, stretches of diverse desert landscape and range upon range of snow-capped, glacier lake-dotted mountains—all easily accesible and infinitely lovely. Grab a map and trek to one of these rustic weekend getaways—we'll let you figure out how you guys want to split up the tents.

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By: Kate Wertheimer

Go on a bar crawl

Love it or hate it, Hollywood is a bright blight that every Angeleno should experience at least once—preferably while inebriated. There are plenty of honey traps laid for wallet-heavy tourists, but even more importantly, the nabe boasts classic watering holes, dive bars and cocktail bars tucked away for the more jaded drinkers among us.

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By: Ross Gardiner

Pair a Dodgers game with a day in Echo Park

Dodger Stadium is the finest ballpark in the MLB—but maybe we're biased. Grab your buds, some beers and a Dodger Dog and spend the day at the stadium. if you're looking for somewhere to pregame or host a celebratory meal—or drown your sorrows—there's plenty to eat and drink near the stadium. From dive bars and taco trucks to al fresco dining and fancy brews, here are the Echo Park spots you'll want to hit up.

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Hit up a strip club—but only if you want to

Strippers and grooms-to-be have a weird relationship; a trip to the strip club has become such a de facto bachelor party idea that some forgo the plan altogether. We'll say this: Only plan a bachelor party at a strip club if the groom feels comfortable doing so. If that's the case, then you'll want to check out one of these venues, from full nude spots to topless and bikini clubs.

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By: Jakob N. Layman

Shoot a few rounds of ammunition

Sure, your buddies keep the smack talk flowing during rounds of Call of Duty, but can they bring it on a real firing range? LA Gun Club has the largest selection of guns in the city and is perfect for a group of friends—visitors who don't own their own firearms must be accompanied by a second person. Never shot before? The club offers free safety briefings—although target practice is up to you.

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Downtown Arts District

Treat yo' self

Hey, spa days aren't just for the ladies. You want to look and feel good before your wedding day and, most importantly, to stay relaxed. Spend the day getting scrubbed and rubbed and we promised you'll come out cool as a cucumber—though that might just be from your cucumber facial mask.

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By: Kate Wertheimer

Vegas, baby! Vegas!

Sure, Swingers and The Hangover might've shown us that bro trips to Las Vegas sometimes hit some speed bumps, but that shouldn't stop you from driving to the desert. From crazy suites to speedway adventures, these Las Vegas bachelor party ideas will make your weekend unforgettable.

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Planning a party for ladies?

The best bachelorette party ideas in LA

There are plenty of bachelorette party options in and around LA, whether you're an Angeleno or an out-of-towner coming to Tinseltown for your last hoorah. Here are the best bachelorette party ideas in LA, as well as the nearby heavy hitters that shouldn't be overlooked.

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By: Stephanie Morino