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Get a mixed pack of cocktails featuring seven awesome Melbourne bars

The Melbourne Mixtape includes drinks from Black Pearl, Byrdi, the Everleigh, Above Board and more

Written by
Sarah Theeboom

You can always get primo booze delivered to your door, but now you can take it one step further with a bar crawl in a box.

The Melbourne Mixtape is a collaboration between seven top bars: The Everleigh, Above Board, Bar Americano, Byrdi, Black Pearl, Capitano and Mjølner. Each has contributed a track to the playlist in the form of a single-serve bottled cocktail. Here's what's in the mixology mixtape:

Above Board: The Proposition (tequila, dry vermouth, Gran Classico, orange bitters)
Bar Americano: Americano (Campari, house-distilled Italian bitters, soda water)
Black Pearl: Shower Martini (Bombay Sapphire, 1757 Extra Dry, verjuice, sugar, salt)
Byrdi: Wattleseed Negroni (cold vacuum infused gin, bitters, vermouth, Australian wattleseed)
Capitano: Tiramisu Milk Punch (rum, muscat, coffee, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, milk, Savoiardi)
Mjølner: Battle Axe (dark rum, bourbon, chicory, walnut leaf, maple, bitters)
The Everleigh: Coffee House (Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, tequila, orange bitters)

The bottles can be stored at room temperature until you're ready to drink them, and come with simple serving instructions.

The Melbourne Mixtape costs $130 and ships anywhere in Australia, with proceeds going directly to the venues. Order via the Everleigh Bottling Co website.

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