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It's Bourdain Day – here's where he ate while he was in Melbourne

Written by
Jess Ho

It's been just over a year since the much-loved food-adventurer, writer, media personality and humanist Anthony Bourdain left us, and his friends Eric Ripert and Jose Andres have declared June 25 (Bourdain's birthday) Bourdain day. They suggest that instead of spending the day in mourning, it should be a celebration where anyone who knew him, looked up to him or was inspired by him to raise a glass on what would have been his 63rd birthday. Technically, we are a day late in the southern hemisphere, but due to the time difference, we are celebrating at the exact same time as his mates.

If you're one to take it a little bit further, you'll probably remember that he spent some time in Melbourne, and you'll want to raise a glass to him in the same places he went. It's all right to be sentimental; food is, after all, the ultimate link to the memory bank (we're looking at you, Proust).

Eat like Tony and smash some meat and quail at Rumi. Alternatively, head to its CBD sibling, Bar Saracen.

If you manage to hunt down Tony Tan (trust us, he is everywhere), convince him to share some fiery Sichuan food with you at Dainty Sichuan.

If you're feeling a bit heavy in the wallet and up for a drive, the Royal Mail Hotel is a good option, but if you want to do the Dan Hunter meet-and-greet the way that Bourdain did, you might want to head to Brae instead.

Unfortunately, Siglo probably won't let you throw a chef's BBQ on the deck, but you can at least order yourself a great drink and a serve of Melbourne's favourite late-night sausage rolls.

Looking for other excellent restaurants? Here is our hit list. Just want to find a bar so you can raise a glass? We've got you covered

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