Shopper’s guide to Bridge Road

Start at the Punt Road end of this Richmond strip and shop your way down for some great bargains and hidden treasures

Photograph: Robert Polmear

Sadly, there are a lot of vacant shops on Bridge Road these days, but that doesn't mean that aren't plenty of excellent bargains still to be had. Break out the sensible walking shoes, wear something that's easy to get on and off and take a heap o' bags for your new finds. Sometimes you've got to spend to save, baby.

Once you've exhausted Bridge Road, maybe Chapel Street will bear further investigation. Although, if you're after something a little kookier or your style errs on the edgier side of the fence, perhaps you'd prefer our guide to alternative shopping.

Shops on Bridge Road


#74: Magnolia Lounge

Crack out the sleeping bags, because you will definitely want to host a slumber party and show of your new PJs after visiting Magnolia Lounge. Bringing back the cute and cosy, with comfy boxers and tees for the boys, it's not about letting it all hang out. We reckon you'll find it difficult not to invest in one of their super snuggly dressing gowns as well….


#80: Claude d’alban Paris

Despite the somewhat stuffy name, Claude d’alban Paris is actually like a miniature department store for ladies. More choices than you could poke a baguette at, the colours and pattern choices give a slightly ‘musical festival’ vibe off. There are also lots of different accessories and everything is incredibly affordable.


#90A: Alannah Hill Clearance Store

Okay, while there are many, many factory outlets on Bridge Road, including Sportsgirl, Dotti, Portmans, Novo shoes and more, we couldn’t resist mentioning Alannah Hill because the discounts are just insane! Unusual dresses, blouses, skirts, shorts, cardigans, shoes and jewellery, often handmade and always stunning, you would be nuts not to swing by and try something on.


#106: Hipster

If you’re after a really great bargain and are not too fussed about designer labels then you can grab a casual dress at Hipster from only six bucks! While it’s not all about the quality, if you’re still waiting for your next pay cheque, have a dig around in the clutter and you might just find a little gem.


#125: Claudia

The washed out concrete floor and stark décor matches the minimalist style of Italian couture you will find in Claudia. Mostly muted colours, the casual, yet classy clothing almost seem like pieces of art, rather than something you would chuck on to go to work. The price tags, however, are not minimalist, so if you are a big fan of the clothes but can’t justify spending the dough, walk down a few doors to the Claudia clearance store. It doesn’t have the same range or ambience about the place, but you can pick up some of the items anyway.


#130: Batsanis

Without a doubt the place to go if you are a guy looking for shoes of any description. Here you'll find a great selection of suit shoes in a whole host of styles and colours, plus street shoes that could be worn anywhere and everywhere. Stepping into the black interior is a bit like entering the batcave: a bonus in our book.


#134: Dream Diva

If you have voluptuous curves and want to show them off in vibrant colours, then Dream Diva is where it's at. With a great mix of formal and everyday attire, these gorgeous floral tops and bright, block-coloured dresses are revitalising, and come in sizes 14-22.


#146: Havana Blue

Havana Blue is more of a sea of white and grey. The floaty linen and pure cotton kaftans, blouses and pants, are relaxed and make you dream of summer barbeques or beach holidays. However, you’ll have to fork out for such quality, so it’s probably not ideal if you are shopping on a budget.


#178: Bariano

The go-to shop for formal dresses with a contemporary twist. Colours are aimed at those who enjoy being the centre of attention, and the prices are reasonable so you're free to get your accessorising on.


#211: Landes

This store's got a fun, airy vibe. With kooky stylings from the likes of MINKPINK, Ladakh, Junk, Downtown, Bluejuice and All About Eve, you’re sure to find something a bit different.


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