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A box of hangover relief capsules resting atop a glass of sparkling wine.
Photograph: Tend-2

We tried this hangover cure by a Melbourne brand – here's the verdict

Our team of editors put their livers on the line to see if this remedy gets the job done

Written by
Adena Maier
Leah Glynn
Eliza Campbell
Bianca O'Neill

Remember being young, naïve and convinced that you were immune from hangovers? You could knock back a disgusting mix of cheap vodka, goon and tinnies of VB with zero consequences – and oftentimes, you could do it again the next night, no problemo.

If you're reading this wistfully, it's safe to assume those days are long behind you and your hangovers are now leaving you incapacitated for the next two business days. You've probably tried every hangover cure under the sun – hair of the dog, sculling a Berocca, eating a greasy breakfast, shooting back some pickle juice... the list goes on, and nothing seems to do the trick.

Well, there's a new hangover remedy on the block: Tend-2, a 100 per cent natural and organic supplement that's TGA-approved and has been tested, manufactured and formulated right here in Australia. The capsules are the result of a three-year development process by co-founders Josh Samweil and Jake Boyle, who have been mates since high school. 

A box of two doses will run you $20, and it works like this: take two pre-drinking capsules before heading out on the town, and then two post-drinking capsules before going to bed. The duo is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

To see if this hangover remedy cuts the mustard, our team of editors bravely put their livers on the line with a booze-filled evening – here's how they fared. 

A box of capsules and a variety of cocktails against a blue backdrop.
Photograph: Tend-2

Adena Maier, lifestyle editor

What did I drink: Rum Manhattan, Yuzu Highball, a glass of Champagne, three glasses of rosé and a shot
How I felt the next morning: Honestly? Fresh as a daisy. I’ve always been really sceptical of supposed hangover cures, so I went into this expecting to wake up with my usual roster of post-drinks symptoms: a throbbing headache, a wave of nausea and a massive bout of hangxiety. But to my surprise, I woke up feeling well-rested and like I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol the night before. 
Would I use it again?: While I wouldn't want to make a habit out of it – at $10 a dose, costs add up quick - but I'm definitely considering keeping a packet on deck for nights that I plan to imbibe quite heavily. 

Eliza Campbell, Melbourne editor

What did I drink: Gin Martini, Negroni, glass of Champagne, glass of pinot noir and a tequila on the rocks
How I felt the next morning: A typical hangover for me can range from totally incapacitated and riding a wave of nausea to moderate fatigue and a headache. But no matter what I do – Hydralyte before bed, hot chips at 3am –  I always come out the other side with a general feeling of dehydration and brain fog. After taking Tend-2, I woke up with a sore head that was very manageable via paracetamol, and was otherwise fine to complete an entire day of work. After a large Macca’s breakfast, of course. Not that bad.
Would I use it again?: I conducted this experiment under strict test conditions – ie by mixing as many different types of alcohol as possible and drinking minimal water – and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I wouldn’t say I felt completely cured, but I could definitely get on with my day as a near-fully functioning adult. In conclusion: yes.

Bianca O’Neill, arts and culture editor

What did I drink: Two tequilas on the rocks, a glass of Champagne and a glass of rosé

How I felt the next morning: Not too bad, considering I mixed tequila, wine and Champagne. That being said, I ate a lot and also drank pretty good-quality booze. I think it probably took the edge off, but I wouldn’t say it cured my hangover.
Would I use it again?: Probably only if I was planning on having a huge night – taking the edge off a terrible hangover is worth it. But for an average night, it’s probably had only a minimal effect.

Leah Glynn, branded content editor

What did I drink: Bellini, Passionfruit Martini, Champagne and three glasses of rosé
How I felt the next morning: Surprisingly fresh! I’m not going to lie – I was feeling pretty tipsy as I knocked back the second lot of Tend-2 pills just before bed and had fully prepared myself for a rough wake-up call. But when my alarm went off I actually felt good, perhaps just a tad dehydrated. So I smashed a glass of water, followed by an extremely large cup of tea, and it was like the sins of the night before had never even happened.
Would I use it again?: For a big drinking sesh, absolutely. Especially as a typical hangover for me looks like two days of simmering nausea and heart palpitations. If I can avoid feeling like that, take my money!

The verdict? All editors noticed that Tend-2 at least took some of the edge off a hangover, with two editors noting a vast improvement. In other words, give it a whirl – especially if you have a big night coming up.

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