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50 best things to do this summer with NYC Kids

  • Brooklyn Bowl

  • Sheepshead Bay

  • Baseball Center NYC

  • Photograph: Nick Stevens


Brooklyn Bowl

46. Go bowling Compete for strikes in an air-conditioned alley.

47. Take a trip to Sheepshead Bay Bask in a cool breeze on the Brooklyn waterfront while taking a stroll along the bay. Younger kids can make crayon rubbings of the fish engravings that mark the entrance of each pier.

48. Nosh on a hot dog There's no better time of year to chow down on this all-American treat.

49. Practice your swing at a batting cage
Little sluggers can brush up on their swing at one of the city's batting cages.

50. Hang out in Prospect Park This mecca for families offers tons of green space as well as a healthy does of kid-centric programming—fishing clinics, art workshops and much more. Take a whirl on the carousel, visit the animals in the zoo, or hit one of many playgrounds.

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