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Dream Hotel
Photograph: Courtesy Dream Hotel

The best NYC hotels for a staycation

The best NYC hotels for a staycation, including ones with standout spas, clubs and restaurants—all in your backyard

By John Marshall

Have you ever had a staycation right here in NYC? With the advent of apps like Hotel Tonight, more and more New Yorkers are taking a break from their pads (and perhaps their roommates) and booking a night in the city’s best hotels. But with more than 250 to choose from, how do you decide which one will give you the best staycations? Whether you’re looking for the best dishes, the wildest parties or the best spas to lounge around in, we’ve pinned down the right place for your staycation.

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Best NYC hotels for a staycation

1. The Roxy Hotel

Hotels Boutique hotels Tribeca

The gist: This spot, located in Tribeca just south of Canal Street, electrifies its guests will an abiding sense of being a rock star in the midst of a glamorous tour. The rooms are outfitted with moody, Mid-Century upholstery that includes a vintage-looking turntable and a mad decent selection of the best records.

Worthwhile amenities: Pet goldfish (upon request), a subterranean jazz bar called the Django and the Aire bathhouse, which promises Ancient World comforts with modern flair.

Dream Hotel
Photograph: Courtesy Dream Hotel

2. Dream Downtown

Hotels Boutique hotels Chelsea

The gist: If you like places to dance but don’t like to walk, this is your hotel. Not only does it include a gaudy nightclub—the PH.D. Rooftop Lounge—but staying in the joint guarantees you entry. While the suckers line up, you can get right in, free of charge.

Worthwhile amenities: A sand-strewn pool called the Beach, the aforementioned club plus a lounge called the Electric Room. And you’ll be surrounded by hotel guests and club-goers who all have the same priorities as you—assuming you go for the right reason.

Refinery Hotel
Photograph: Courtesy Refinery Hotel

3. Refinery Hotel

Hotels Boutique hotels Midtown West

The gist: If you’re on a staycation, this Midtown location means you can probably get to work the next day (unless you decide to get room service and call in sick). The atmosphere here is a sort of 1920s revival spiked with some Garment District flavor.

Worthwhile amenities: The rambling rooftop bar is easily the best feature of this hotel, both for its views and the quality of its cocktails. There’s even a cozy little swinging bench where you can camp out for the evening.

Langham Place
Photograph: Courtesy Michael Weber

4. Langham Place Hotel

Hotels Boutique hotels Midtown West

The gist: Located on 5th Avenue, these swanky digs have an accordingly clean, fashionable feel. The style is obviously of Italian extraction, a fact made most obvious by the truly staggering amount of marble in the bathrooms.

Worthwhile amenities: There’s a wraparound terrace connected to a lounge that has two TVs, a pool table and a library. Even if you can’t get in with your room key, you can still enter via the stairwell. Shh.

Gansevoort Park Hotel, New York
Photograph: Courtesy Magda Biernat

5. Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC

Hotels Boutique hotels Flatiron

The gist: If you go all-out for a suite, you get a gratuitously huge balcony. (You know you want to.) There are 249 rooms that include them, and they’ll scratch that itch you’ve had for outdoor space since you moved to New York.

Worthwhile amenities: Like the Dream, this hotel includes a nightclub, though the crowd is a baffling mix of European tourists and New Jersey residents. The pool here is smaller than you might like, but it still beats public swimming pools.

6. Viceroy Central Park New York

Hotels Boutique hotels Midtown West

The gist: The accommodations here are thoroughly trendy, though a bit cramped. But, given its proximity to Central Park, Carnegie Hall and the Russian Tea Room, this is understandable. And, to its credit, the rooms are arranged with such delicate consideration that all the available space is put to good use—an enviable example of function and form intersecting beautifully.

Worthwhile amenities: Kingside restaurant whips up New American cuisine with unrivaled aplomb. Eat as much as you can here, then walk it off in the posh surroundings.

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