The best mac and cheese in NYC

One of our favorite comfort foods is mac and cheese in NYC. Here are the best restaurants for ordering cheesy carbs.

Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz

Just like most other great things in NYC, it’s tough to narrow down the best of the best, but when it comes to mac and cheese, the clear winners sit a cut above the rest. So for those who can handle both dairy and gluten, go forth! There are classic comfort food dishes at soul food restaurants along with a few elevated twists and funky variations along the way. And for the vegan and vegetarian restaurant lovers out there, we’ve sprinkled in a few allergen-friendly picks for good measure.

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Best mac and cheese in NYC


Alaskan King Crab Mac & Cheese at Delmonico’s

Since its opening in 1837, Delmonico’s Downtown location has maintained its status as a New York icon with a menu that does its standard of excellence justice. The Alaskan crab mac and cheese is no exception: It’s made with torchio pasta, Parmesan cream, Crucolo cheese and, of course, a generous amount of Alaskan crab. The dish is also available at Delmonico’s Kitchen in Midtown.

Financial District

Lobster Truffle Five Cheese Macaroni at Primal Cut

The aptly named Primal Cut takes steakhouses to the next level. From the “Indulgent Sides” menu, the lobster truffle five-cheese macaroni is worth the trip uptown all on its own—Vermont cheddar, American cheese, Monterey Jack, Parmesan and Swiss cheese cloak a truffle-infused ménage of half a lobster tail and panko-Parmesan encrusted pasta.

Lenox Hill

Vegan Mac N’ Cheese at by CHLOE.

As promised, we’re coming through with a full-on vegan masterpiece from health-forward favorite by CHLOE. Now serving up its famed mac and cheese (with sweet potato and cashew magically subbing in for the latter) at five NYC locations and counting, it makes the vegan lifestyle both accessible and enjoyable, not to mention photogenic.

Greenwich Village

Baked Mac & Cheese at Schnippers

Schnippers’ five NYC locations are known for one thing above all: comfort food. Burgers, fries and shakes are obligatory; however, the no-frills four-cheese baked mac is not to be ignored. Be sure to save room.


Lobster Mac & Cheese at Harding’s

Speaking of perfect pairings, the decadent lobster mac and cheese at Harding’s comes with a view of a stately black walnut bar sourced from Bucks County, Pennsylvania—homage to the American spirit of the cozy Flatiron watering hole. Béchamel and gruyère over orecchiette pasta together serve as a creamy bed for an entire lobster tail, so needless to say, it’s not for the faint of heart.


“World's Best” Mac & Cheese at The Cellar at Beecher’s

Beecher’s knows mac and cheese like no other, especially considering the cheese itself is its specialty. The “World’s Best” iteration lives up to its name and is known and loved across the city and beyond for its simplicity with a kick. It combines the house Flagship and Just Jack cheeses with butter, flour, milk, salt, chipotle chili powder and garlic powder over penne pasta, all baked to perfection.


Alpine at S’MAC

Just when you thought we’d forgotten a good gluten-free option, here are the epic mac and cheese offerings from S’MAC. The Alpine in particular is a standout with gruyère and slab bacon, but gluten-free pasta is an option for every menu item, as is a variety of vegan alternatives.


East Village
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Mary B tastemaker

You guys LITERALLY just had a Mac and Cheese CONTEST. And the WINNER, Mighty Quinn's Rosemary Garlic Mac & Cheese is NOT on here?! What a silly list! Atwood and S'Mac were there too! They were very good! But they did not win! Just seems weird to me...

Danny H

Thursday Kitchen has one of the best in town

Christina S

Brooklyn Mac should be on this list!