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The 10 best noodle soups in NYC

These are the best noodle soups in New York City, from classic chicken noodle to Malaysian curry laska

Photograph: Courtesy Jeffrey Gurwin Ippudo
By Juliet Izon |

Chicken noodle soup may be known as the ultimate comfort food, but New Yorkers are blessed with an abundance of noodle and soup variations. From classic pho restaurant dishes to rare Eastern European concoctions to dozens and dozens of the best ramen shops, our city offers a version for nearly every type of palate. Which bowls are worth an extra slurp? Read on to see the best noodle soups in New York.

Best noodle soups in NYC

Photograph: Lizz Kuehl
Restaurants, Contemporary European

Chicken Noodle Soup at Veselka

icon-location-pin East Village

This beloved East Village Ukrainian spot has been churning out Eastern European comfort food since 1954. So it’s no surprise that the chicken noodle soup is almost universally praised (still a tall order when it comes to one of New York’s favorite dishes). This version is simple but made with the freshest of ingredients: from-scratch chicken stock, bright veggies and springy egg noodles.

noodle soups
Photograph: Courtesy Laut
Restaurants, Malaysian

Curry Laksa at Laut

icon-location-pin Union Square

“This is not ramen,” reads the disclaimer below the noodle soup section of the menu at Laut. And indeed, at this Union Square restaurant, which specializes in food from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, you can choose from five different noodle styles and broths. But nothing is more alluring than the Malaysian curry laksa made with spicy coconut milk, aromatic fish balls and Vietnamese mint.

noodle soups
Photogaph: Courtesy Yelp/Justin L.
Restaurants, Chinese

Hand-Pulled Noodles at Xi’an Famous Foods

icon-location-pin Chinatown

This lauded mini-chain specializes in food from the northwest of China, an area with cuisine known for incorporating Middle Eastern spices into more traditional Chinese preparations. No dish exemplifies this better than the spicy cumin lamb, served with hand-pulled-and-ripped noodles in a rich beef broth. Do as the sign says and slurp them right away: They lose their magic if you carry them out.

noodle soups
Photogaph: Courtesy Yelp/ Kevin W.
Restaurants, Thai

Khao Soi at SriPraPhai

icon-location-pin Woodside
Thai restaurant fanatics know the best joints are found in Queens, but no restaurant captures the heady flavors of the country as well as SriPraPhai in Woodside. The khao soi, a popular soup from Northern Thailand, is an addictive mix of chewy egg noodles, creamy curry broth and your choice of meat, all topped with a crispy tangle of deep fried noodles.
noodle soups
Photogaph: Courtesy Yelp/ Laura S.

Lagman at Kashkar Cafe

icon-location-pin Brighton Beach

Specializing in hard-to-find halal cuisine from the Uyghur and Uzbek people, this Brighton Beach spot is one of the only places in New York to find elusive lagman noodles. The dish, influenced by both Chinese and Uzbeki cuisine, is a rich stew of lamb broth and meat, potatoes, vegetables and long, chewy noodles. Wash it all down with a fizzy Borjomi, a popular brand of Georgian mineral water.

noodle soups
Photogaph: Courtesy Yelp/ Bradley H.
Restaurants, Vietnamese

Pho at Bun-ker

icon-location-pin Queens

Now in a more subway-friendly location in Bushwick, this cozy Vietnamese spot attracts scores of fans due to its expertly prepared home-style dishes. Of course, this spot’s pho, the noodle soup nearly synonymous with Vietnamese cooking, is near perfection. We recommend the classic pho ga (chicken pho), which is made with fresh rice noodles, bean sprouts, basil and jalapeños.

noodle soups
Photogaph: Courtesy Yelp/ Ivy T.
Restaurants, Japanese

Ramen at Ippudo

icon-location-pin East Village

The ramen crown has been mightily contested over the past few years, but Ippudo always brings its A game. As the website states, this Japanese noodle dish is “a cosmos created in a bowl.” While every preparation here is superb, the Akamaru Modern made with pork soup noodles, miso paste and garlic oil is absolutely worth the inevitable hours-long wait.

noodle soups
Photogaph: Courtesy Yelp/ Swish C.
Restaurants, Hawaiian

Saimin at Makana

icon-location-pin East Harlem

A Hawaiian spin on ramen, saimin noodles are a popular lunch in the islands but trickier to find here in the city. Head up to East Harlem fusion spot Makana for six different varieties of the dish, ranging from barbecue chicken to Hawaiian garlic. The latter is quite the gut-buster, made with Spam, crispy garlic and homemade soy garlic sauce.

noodle soups
Photogaph: Courtesy Yelp/ Jonathan Y.
Restaurants, Japanese

Soba at Cocoron

icon-location-pin Lower East Side

Whether you enjoy your soba hot, cold, in a soup or dipped, Cocoron has you covered. Where this Nolita restaurant truly shines, however, is its warm soups. Try the Kashiwa soba, a soy sauce-based soup made with grilled chicken, chicken meatballs, shiitake mushrooms and a satisfying spritz of yuzu. Pro tip: Upsize to a large for just a dollar more.

noodle soups
Photogaph: Courtesy Yelp/ Igna C.
Restaurants, Japanese

Udon at Raku

icon-location-pin East Village

This sexy, minimalist space in the East Village has quickly become the premiere purveyor of udon in the city. While the thick, chewy noodles are the star of the show, the broths here are no slouches either. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Niku, which is made with short rib and honeycomb tripe, and add on toppings like grated mountain yam or pickled plum.

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