The New York guide to life
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The New York guide to life

Funny lists, quizzes and other stuff all real New Yorkers will relate to


While New York City is comprised of so many different, eccentric neighborhoods, there's one thing that all New Yorkers share: an Empire State of Mind. With so many quality restaurants, bars, theaters and events around, New Yorkers never fall short of reasons to brag about how NYC is the greatest city in the world. On the other hand, there's also a growing list of things that New Yorkers absolutely love complaining about, like the difficulties associated with New York apartment hunting. Luckily, whatever the situation may be, you're probably not alone! Check out our collection of only-in-New-York experiences in the funny lists and quizzes below, and see how you compare to the stereotypical New Yorker!

How New York are you?