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This huge, thrusting, three-pillared television tower has long been dubbed the Pražský pták, or 'Prague Prick', by local admirers. Seemingly modelled on a Soyuz rocket ready for blast-off, or maybe something out of Thunderbirds, it's been more of a hit with space-crazy visitors than with the locals. In recent years, it made a guest appearance in Blade II.
The tower was planned under the communists (who tore up part of the adjacent Jewish Cemetery to make room for it) and completed in early 1989. However, no sooner had it started operating in 1990 than it came under attack from nearby residents who claimed it was guilty of, among other things, jamming foreign radio waves and giving their children cancer. More than 20 TV channels broadcast from behind the white plastic shielding that defends against the elements, while transmitters lower down deal with radio stations and emergency services.

You can take a lift up to the eighth-floor viewing platform or have a drink in the fifth-floor café. However, in many ways standing at the base and looking up the 216m (709ft) of grey polished steel is an even more scary experience. The tower is also now the home of some public art, with several large black babies crawling on its exterior. The intriguing, rather disturbing Miminka are the work of Czech bad-boy artist and satirist David Černý.

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Žižkov Tower details

Mahlerovy sady,
Prague 3

Area Prague

Transport Metro Jiřího z Poděbrad/tram 5, 9, 26 .

Telephone 267 005 775

Žižkov Tower website

Open 10am-11.30pm daily.

Admission 60 K±; free under-5s.

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