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8 things every Singaporean has Googled at least once

When in doubt, Google is your best friend

Delfina Utomo
Written by
Delfina Utomo

Just Google it. And if you've found yourself on this page after clicking your way through the search engine then, hello, welcome. We're sure you have tons of questions about Singapore and more often than not, Google can pull up the answer. Here, we've put together the questions (and answers) of things every Singaporean has probably Googled at least once in their life. From ex-Singapore Idol stars to murders in Singapore, we consult the Google gods for answers. 

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You've Googled this

"Long weekend public holiday"

This is a very important thing to search because how else are you going to plan your holidays in advance? But with travel on hold, the idea that we'll be on a beach or walking on crunchy leaves in fall is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Here's a look at the public holidays happening in 2024 – start making those vacay plans in advance.

"GST voucher payout"

Are you eligible? How much will you receive? What are payouts might there be in 2023? All valid questions we want to know the answers to as well. 


"Best bubble tea in Singapore"

Cut us and we'll bleed bubble tea. Plus with new bubble tea shops opening in Singapore all the time, we've lost track of how many brands there are out there. Here are some of our picks of the best bubble tea shops in Singapore.

"Cheap flights to Bali/Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur"

These destinations are a short flight away from Singapore and provide more opportunities to explore the world beyond our tiny island. Explore beautiful natural beaches in a Bintang or Chang beer singlet, scale mountains or get some shopping done in megamalls. Every Singaporean will have their favourite spot for a yearly (sometimes more) pilgrimage.


"24-hour supper places"

Supper is part of our culture and we're just keeping our options open, as we should. Dim sum one night, prata on another, hotpot on cold nights, or just cheap drinks all night with the gang – we love the variety. Plus, there's always that one twit in the group who disagrees with everyone for the sake of it. 

"Serial killers in Singapore"

If you're wondering if we've had any serial killers in Singapore – the answer is yes. John Martin was an English serial killer in Singapore who murdered and dismembered three tourists in 1995 and Adrian Lim was known for the Toa Payoh ritual murders in 1981. Yikes.


"Where are the Singapore Idols now?"

Though short-lived, the singing competition, which premiered in 2004, gave us three official Singapore idol stars. Name them. Answer: all of the winners are still singing – and also working on other projects like opening a fried chicken shop or selling properties. We're not sure about the rest but nothing brings a nation together like voting for the finals of an Idol competition, eh?

"What is Chinese privilege"

Is it real? Is it true? Well, there's a lot of literature on it that you should definitely read if you have time. like? Don't be shy, you can Google it.


"Things to do Singapore"

Another important thing to search, because there's tons going on every week and you wouldn't want to miss out. Art exhibitions, concerts, parties – you name it, we have it. Get yourself started with our hotlist of the best things to do this weekend

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