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Fares for international flights from Sydney are finally getting cheaper

After years of rising flight prices, the cost of travelling overseas appears to be levelling out

Winnie Stubbs
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Winnie Stubbs

When the world opened up after the pandemic, every Australian and their dog jumped onto Skyscanner and booked a flight overseas. To cash in on the high demand (and to cover the costs of two years of cancelled flights), airlines across the world hiked up their prices to stratospheric levels. After another two years of through-the-roof (pun intended) flight costs, it looks like the price of getting on a plane is finally levelling out – here’s what we know so far.

Over the past few months, savvy travellers have scored some significantly reduced tickets on flights across the globe, and not just with low-cost airlines. In January alone, we reported on cut-price flights from the likes of Qantas, Air New Zealand and Fiji Airways, with flights across the globe reduced to pre-pandemic rates. Based on the economy as it stands, it looks like these sales will keep on coming – with the cost of living (that term again) a major factor. 

According to Skyscanner, flight rates post-pandemic from Sydney to Los Angeles (SYD to LAX) have seen a significant decrease, with an average fare down by 32 per cent year on year (between 2021 and November 2023). Similarly, Skyscanner has reported that flights from Sydney to London (SYD to LHR) experienced a 5 per cent decrease in average fares year on year between 2021 and 2023 – meaning you will have paid 5 per cent more if you chose to take a Euro trip via London as soon as borders opened up. 

Currently, Air New Zealand is slinging cut-price flights across the ditch from major Aussie cities. You can travel from Sydney to Auckland from as little as $252, to Christchurch from $261 and to Wellington from $262. If you’re keen for a more exotic island getaway, Virgin Australia’s Tropical Island sale is slinging flights from Sydney to Samoa for as little as $599, and flights to Bali for as little as $479.

As explained by Skyscanner, the price of flights change all the time based on myriad factors, but fundamentally, it all comes down to demand. With fewer people able to afford flights, the demand for those hot tickets to far flung destinations is falling, meaning airlines have to push fares down in order to sell seats.

Skyscanner Australia Travel Expert Jarrod Kris suggests looking at creative ways to cut costs on your travels, explaining: "F
lights don’t always have to be booked in return, and you can always switch up your airlines and airports to help you stay on budget.”

If you really want to save, we’d suggest holidaying right here in NSW.


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