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Cafés open on New Year's Day in Sydney

Five awesome cafés open on the day you need coffee most

Photograph: Anna Kucera

It can be hard to get a brew on January 1. But do not fear, Sydney, we’ve found cafés that won’t leave you hanging. Here’s our list of where to seek out a cuppa on New Year's Day.



You thought you were going to have to settle for 7-11 vending machine coffee, but turns out you can even be baller on New Year's Day becuase this Potts Point café and restaurant will be dishing out their swanky brunches on January 1.

Open 8am-3pm.

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Potts Point

Reuben Hills

Hunker down and battle the fallout from your New Year's adventures with coffee and some sort of salty snack from this beloved Surry Hills café. It's possible that New Year's Day might be the only time there's not a waitlist for a table. 

Open 8am-4pm.

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Surry Hills

Bills Surry Hills

This is where ricotta hotcakes, corn fritters and a leisurely breakfast got its start in Sydney, so kick off 2017 with a coffee and killer breakfast from Bills so that your year starts off on the right foot.

Open 8am-3pm.

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Surry Hills

Lox Stock and Barrel

Turns out that when you wish upon a firework for someone to make you a delicious smoked salmon bagel the next day, the gods of New Year's Past will ensure this Bondi regular opens the doors to sort you out from 7am-4pm.

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Bondi Beach

Coffee Tea and Me

All three of the Coffee Tea and Me venues will be open on New Year's Day to ensure you get a much needed caffeine fix and a toasty sambo to replenish your viatmins and minerals. The Redfern and the Marrickville shop are open from 6am untill 6pm, and Potts Point opens at 7am and closes at 8pm. 

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Potts Point
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By: Time Out editors