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Making coffee at Brighter Coffee
Photograph: Anna Kucera

Sydney's best coffee roasters that deliver

There's no need to sacrifice quality beans if you're brewing at home

By Matty Hirsch

Mornings are a very good time in Sydney. We've got more than a handful of beautiful walks and ocean pools that invite you to start the day on the right foot, incredible breakfasts and a CBD full of excellent coffee. Sure, it all gets a bit pricey, but nobody's stopping you from cutting costs by buying a good loaf of bread, a few bags of top-flight coffee beans and doing the hard work at home. And thanks to the widespread availability of brewing gadgets now available, that's never been easier. Luckily, some of the best roasters in town bring the goods straight to you – and these are the cream of the crop.   

Looking for more things to do at home? Here's a handy place to look.

The best coffee on your doorstep

Coffee beans at Single O cafe
Photograph: Katje Ford

1. Single O

Restaurants Cafés Surry Hills

Single O pretty much singlehandedly introduced the glory of single-origin coffee to Sydney more than a decade ago, and our fair city has been all the better for it ever since. Their online shop is a downright treasure trove not only for impeccably sourced beans with incredibly detailed tasting notes, but also for grinding and brewing gear. Orders are packed and dispatched by the next business day, but there are express options if you're really in need. 

Man disposes of material from roasting coffee
Photograph: Anna Kucera

2. Mecca Coffee

Restaurants Alexandria

You'll find Mecca beans at some of the best cafés in town, and if you try hard enough, you'll probably be able to make as good a coffee with them yourself at home. The website is more than a little aesthetically pleasing, with gorgeous photography and poetic profiles of the producers and provenances that bring this brand to life. Monthly subscriptions are also available, as well as basic equipment to get you started.

Sample Coffee Pro Shop St Peters
Photograph: Kiera Chevell

3. Sample Coffee

Restaurants St Peters

Slowly and steadily, Sample has made big waves in the Sydney coffee scene. These folks take things seriously – they've always got an exciting mix of blends and single origins from around the world on the go, all the coffee is roasted on restored vintage German roasters and they're big believers in transparency and sustainability. In addition to bags of beans, the website offers fortnightly or monthly subscriptions, supplies aplenty and very handy guides for brewing at home.

People inside at 212 Blu
Photograph: Anna Kucera

4. 212 Blu

Restaurants Newtown

Newtown locals pack out this petit café on Australia Street each and every day, pretty much from open till close for some of the best coffee Sydney has to offer. Co-owner Tobin Ventham roasts all the beans under the Loggerhead Coffee Co moniker and supplies only to local businesses like Bella Brutta and Ciccone and Sons. In other words, this is about as small-batch as it gets. Pro tip: beans are roasted every Wednesday, so place your order accordingly for ultimate freshness. Shop here.


5. Reuben Hills

Restaurants Surry Hills

A Surry Hills institution, Reuben Hills has flown the flag for coffee excellence pretty much since the doors swung open in 2012. The online shop will appeal to detail-orientated drinkers who get to choose from an array of both espresso and filter-specific roasts of mostly South American beans, and get to select their grind – whole bean, Aeropress, pour overs, French press, cold brews... you name it. 

Coffee on tap at Coffee Alchemy
Photograph: Rachel Murdolo

6. Coffee Alchemy

Restaurants Marrickville

This Marrickville roaster has taken home a pile of awards over the years and has expanded with branches in the Strand Arcade and Barangaroo. Carefully calibrated blends are the name of the game here, like the "bold and bellowing" Hairy Chest or the Dovetail – a blend made specifically for mixing with soy milk. They're all available on the website, which also features accessories and gift ideas.

Making coffee at Brighter Coffee
Photograph: Anna Kucera

7. Brighter Coffee

Restaurants Cafés Stanmore

Brighter co-owner Ben Richardson and his wife are the founders of Made of Many, the coffee importers and roasters that operate out of this soothing and spacious Stanmore café. Sourcing is done with tremendous care, with close attention paid to seasonality, production and the supply chain. The line-up is small but diverse and constantly evolving, which means you're always going to be able to try something new. Shop here.

Need some booze?

Wine cellar at Native Drops Bondi
Wine cellar at Native Drops Bondi
Photograph: Anna Kucera

The best Sydney bottle shops offering home delivery

Shopping Bottle shops

Thankfully, there are the bottle shops out there that let you browse their excellent wares from behind the safety of a screen, so you can keep the cellar stocked with just a couple of clicks or have the essentials at the front door for when the going gets rough.


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