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A top down shot of a selection of dumplings at Tim Ho Wan
Photograph: Anna Kucera

The best Chinese dumpling restaurants in Sydney

Panfried, pot sticker, steamed or soupy – these are Sydney's best dumpling restaurants

By Helen Yee

Sydney loves a dumpling so it's lucky for us there are Chinese dumpling houses dotted all over the city as well as out in the 'burbs. Whether you want a vegan option, a cheap student favourite or internationally renowned dumplings, we've got 'em – here are nine of the best.

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The best Chinese dumpling restaurants

Photograph: Helen Yee

1. Din Tai Fung - World Square

Restaurants Sydney

Go on. Count them. Din Tai Fung promises that every xiao long bao soup dumpling is enclosed with a least 18 folds. The military precision extends to digital scales in the open kitchen with a mandate that each dumpling pastry must weigh between 4.8 grams and 5.2 grams. After adding the filling, each dumpling must weigh between 20.8 grams and 21.2 grams. This dependable consistency has attracted a legion of dumpling fans. Little wonder this Taiwanese chain has expanded all over Sydney. Expect gossamer thin dumpling skins and gently sweetened pork and seafood fillings. For maximum fun, order the dumpling gems, a steamer of rainbow-coloured dumplings with fillings that include Bolognese, corn and cheese.

Photograph: Helen Yee

2. Sydney Dumpling King

Restaurants Chinese Burwood

Be dazzled by a dumpling menu that offers 32 different fillings at this suburban eatery. They’ve got every imaginable dumpling filling covered, including pork with fennel fronds, chicken with chive, beef with carrot, lamb with leek, and fish with coriander. The pork with eggplant is a house specialty. Vegetarians can revel in five choices, including Chinese green vegetables with mushroom and tofu and a very tasty tomato and egg combo that’s just like an omelette. Get them boiled or pan-fried and happily you can choose up to two dumpling flavours per serve – it's the half anf half pizza of the dumpling world. If indecision paralysis strikes, just point to the first option and get 20 assorted dumplings on a plate. Sorted.

Photograph: Helen Yee

3. New Shanghai - Chatswood Lemon Grove Plaza

Restaurants Chatswood
New Shanghai has branches across Sydney but Lemon Grove is our favourite, tucked away in the bowels of a dowdy shopping centre. Shorter queues are also a bonus. Xiao long bao soup dumplings are an essential order here. The thin pleated skins are filled with pork or a pork and crab meat combo, plus a mouth-burning puddle of sweet soup in each one. For something different, try the shepherd’s purse and pork wontons that come drenched in peanut sesame sauce and chilli oil with the cool crunch of cucumber strips. A view into the glassed-in dumpling kitchen and its nimble fingered dumpling folders makes mesmerising dinner theatre.
Chinese Noodle House, dumplings
Photograph: Helen Yee

4. Chinese Noodle House

Restaurants Haymarket

Load up on dumplings for the price of a song at this bustling noodle and dumpling joint. BYO is a bonus. Get ‘em steamed or fried in serves of 12. If you really want to maximise your value, ordering them boiled will score you 16 dumplings for the same price. They do half serves too if you’re only after a snack or hate to choose. These are Northern Chinese dumplings so they have a slightly thicker skin, ideal for encasing meaty fillings of pork, chicken or lamb. Vegetarians have the choice of egg and chives or a braised eggplant filling. Join the crowd inside the tiny dining room, or dine al fresco under the shade of outdoor umbrellas.

Dumpling and Noodle House, Helen Yee, dumplings
Photograph: Helen Yee

5. Dumpling and Noodle House

Restaurants Chinese Potts Point

We guarantee you’ll be fighting over the lacy crunchy bits of the pan-fried dumplings here. These guys serve them old school, fried in a cluster with extra starch so they emerge from the pan joined in one giant, glorious skirt. Chicken and sweet corn dumplings are our pick of the bunch but they also offer pork and cabbage, pork and chives, beef, lamb, seafood, vegetarian, and egg and chives. Living clean? They can also be steamed or boiled, and gluten-free dumplings are also available. Expect squishy seating at this hole-in-the-wall dumpling house - it’s so tiny the kitchen is hidden down a steep set of stairs. Arrive early to nab a stool at one of the relatively spacious tables on the footpath.

Palace Chinese, dumplings
Photograph: Helen Yee

6. Palace Chinese Restaurant

Restaurants Chinese Sydney

By night it’s Cantonese a la carte but by day it’s yum cha carts ahoy at this Chinese restaurant hidden at the top of Piccadilly Tower. Palace churns out all the classics, bustled about by enthusiastic cart pushers who’ll happily lift every bamboo steamer for you to inspect its contents. Make room for har gow prawn dumplings, siu mai pork dumplings and gao choy gow garlic chive and prawn dumplings as well as the ham soi gok combination dumplings – deep-fried footballs filled with minced pork and mushroom. Keep an eye out for roving specials like the mini pumpkin dessert dumplings, which involve glutinous rice dough stuffed with custard and deep-fried until sticky, crisp and chewy.

New Shanghai, dumplings, Helen Yee
Photograph: Helen Yee

7. Shanghai Night

Restaurants Ashfield

The Liverpool Road stretch of Ashfield is littered with dumpling houses these days, but Shanghai Night was arguably the first. Back then, staff would make dumplings at one of the back tables in the dining room; now they’re stationed within a modern glassed-in kitchen with fancy laminated menus to boot. They’re still serving up some of Sydney’s cheapest xiao long bao soup dumplings at $7.80 for eight. But wait. There’s more. Steamed and fried dumplings arrive in hearty portions of 12 for the small serve, 18 for a large. Aside from the usual pork chicken, beef and lamb variations, fish and shallot dumplings are particularly tasty. Vegetarians score a steamed dumpling filling of mushroom, carrot, tomato and vermicelli.

Photograph: Helen Yee

8. Tian Ci

Restaurants Chinese West Ryde

Dry your tears. Vegan yum cha does exist. This Chinese vegetarian restaurant churns out all your yum cha favourites, substituting meat and seafood with variations of mushroom, tofu and fried gluten. Tick your requirements on the order sheet and the kitchen will whisk out freshly steamed bamboo baskets of har gow "prawn" dumplings, siu mai "pork" dumplings and vegetable dumplings with carrot and mushroom. Even bbq "pork" buns get a run. Relax. Any mention of meat on the menu refers to mock meat, many of which look and feel just like the real thing. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Photograph: Helen Yee

9. Hong Fu

Restaurants Parramatta
Despite a chaotic and understaffed dining floor, punters still queue out the door for north east Chinese fare at this cheap-as-chips restaurant. Dumplings make up only a small section of the massive menu here but they’re a winner. You’ll net 16 petite bundles priced the same whether you choose them boiled or pan-fried. Be warned: It’s pork only territory here. Go subtle with pork and cabbage or relish the sweetness of prawn in the pork and seafood dumplings. Pork and celery pan-fried dumplings have a subtle crunch. Do order a serve of hot spicy sauce boiled dumplings – we reckon the pork and pickled Chinese cabbage works brilliantly with the red lake of chilli oil.

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A close up shot of four pork dumplings in a bamboo steamer at Dy
A close up shot of four pork dumplings in a bamboo steamer at Dy
Photograph: Anna Kucera

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