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Photo: Dragos Gontariu/Unsplash

Best things to do with kids at home

These fun family-friendly activities from Japan will keep the children entertained in quarantine

Kasey Furutani

The only thing we can do during this strange age of Covid-19 coronavirus is to stay inside as much as possible. This means we’re working from home, spending weekends indoors, and for the young ‘uns, staying stuck inside on a perpetual spring vacation. 

Keep those sweet, restless mini humans happy and tantrum-free with these games, activities and Tokyo-based online events, which they can enjoy alone or with the whole family. Have the kids colour in drawings of Japanese desserts, participate in an online art class, and even choose a Pokémon or Studio Ghibli virtual background for video chatting with grandparents. Have no fear and no more tears, here are some of the best Japanese activities for the kids to enjoy.

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Books and movies from Japan

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